The construction industry stands at the forefront of economic sectors experiencing a notable rise in salaries in 2024. With the landscape of the workforce continually evolving, understanding the dynamics of construction salaries is crucial for both employers and employees within the sector.

A Look at the Numbers

Recent surveys and studies offer a comprehensive look into the trend of increasing construction salaries. A Mercer survey indicates that U.S. employers are planning total salary increases of 3.9% for 2024.


Albeit slightly lower than the 4.1% increase observed in 2023, this recent increase marks a continued trend of salary growth within the sector. Similarly, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports anticipated rises in compensation budgets by 3.5% for merit increases and 3.9% for total salary increases in 2024. These projections, while marginally lower than those for 2023, remain significantly high compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The construction sector, in particular, is expected to maintain a robust pace in salary hikes. Data suggests that average base salary increases for construction staff reached 5.13% in 2022, indicating a sector-specific momentum that surpasses the general market trend.

Moreover, a survey by WTW highlighted that U.S. employers, inclusive of those within the construction industry, plan to increase salaries by 4% in 2024, a slight dip from an average increase of 4.4% in 2023.

Despite these marginally lower forecasts, compensation budgets are notably high, reflecting a sustained effort to adjust to the post-pandemic economic climate.


Factors Driving the Increase of Construction Salaries in 2024

The upward trajectory in construction salaries can be attributed to several key factors. The competitive labor market, coupled with inflationary pressures, has necessitated adjustments in compensation strategies to attract and retain talent. The construction industry, in particular, faces unique challenges such as higher-than-normal staff turnover, making it imperative for employers to offer competitive salaries.

Moreover, concerns about employee retention are paramount. The industry’s historically high pace of compensation hikes is a direct response to the need to hold onto talent in a tight labor market. Employers are increasingly inclined to offer higher pay increases and counteroffers to retain their workforce, acknowledging that pay is a critical factor in employee satisfaction and loyalty.


Construction Recruiters Can Help

Recruiters specializing in the construction industry play a crucial role in connecting skilled professionals with opportunities that offer these competitive salaries. By leveraging their deep industry knowledge and extensive networks, construction recruiters can match candidates with roles that not only promise attractive compensation but also align with their career aspirations and skill sets.

They provide invaluable guidance on navigating the job market, preparing for interviews, and negotiating salaries, ensuring that candidates are well-positioned to secure positions at top companies. Their expertise in the sector allows them to identify trends in compensation and advise on the best strategies to maximize earning potential, making them an essential resource for anyone looking to advance in the construction industry.



The rise in construction salaries in 2024 is a multifaceted phenomenon driven by the need to remain competitive for talent, address inflationary pressures, and tackle concerns about retention. While the forecasted increases are slightly lower than those of the previous year, they signify a continuing trend of high compensation budgets. The construction sector’s proactive approach to salary adjustments reflects its commitment to retaining talent amidst challenges, ensuring its place as a competitive and appealing industry for professionals.

As we move further into 2024, it will be essential for both employers and employees within the construction industry to stay informed about compensation trends and strategies. This knowledge will not only facilitate better decision-making but also contribute to sustaining the sector’s growth and stability in a rapidly changing economic landscape.


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