Although construction recruiters are always searching for candidates to fill a variety of positions, currently there is a growing demand for particular roles within development companies. Organizations are recognizing that the market is expanding. This uptick in development translates to more projects on the horizon, so firms are planning ahead by making important hiring decisions now, rather than later. Here are some of the types of candidates and development positions that are in demand right now.

What Types of Candidates are in Demand?

  • Development companies are looking for higher level people – those with drive, who want to grow with the company.
  • Those who are managing ground up projects; 5 million and up.
  • Construction candidates with longevity.
  • Those in charge of ground up buildings 500 million to 1 billion.
  • Pre-construction; estimators; people who have a solid, stable work history in any PM or superintendent or estimator position is in demand.

Construction Managers

Construction managers are responsible for managing all aspects of construction project management including scope of work, project delivery, resource requirements, cost estimate and budget, work plan schedule and milestones, quality control, and risk identification. Ideal candidates for these positions are those with a deep understanding of the entire construction process. Some prerequisites include a BS degree in Construction Management, Architecture, Engineering, or another related field along with proven working experience in construction management.

Director/VP of Construction

The VP develops and implements policies and procedures needed to provide services to property owners including project scope, material specification, project bidding and bid selection, contract management, project oversight and execution management, draw approval and processing, punch list completion and warranty management. The VP is responsible for the assessment of each assigned asset’s physical plant and provides appropriate feedback on capital needs, costs and timing for use in the annual capital budgets. The position normally requires a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering or Construction Management or related field along with proven work experience in development.

Who’s Not in Demand?

Job hoppers are typically not in demand. Those who have holes in their resume are less likely to be placed. Those who have been without a job for long periods and can’t explain why are not considered desirable.

Working with Recruiters

Any motivated applicant who wants to grow with the company will be at the front of the pack for these construction leadership opportunities. Candidates with experience doing substantial projects in excess of $5 million are in especially high demand right now, and they should consider partnering with a construction recruiter. Those working alongside a recruiter are able to discover if they are advancing to where they should be in their careers when compared to others with similar experience. It’s also crucial to know what you’re worth based on your experience, otherwise it’s very possible that you’re just settling for a what you’re already getting.

The recession impacted the industry with high unemployment, resulting in a significant skilled labor shortage when many opted for retirement or moved into other work. Construction is often overlooked as an attractive career, so not as many young people are gravitating in that direction. If you have a stable work history in construction, it might be a good time to make a move, or at least see how you compare in the marketplace.


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