Whether you are in need of a sub-contractor or permanent employee, you want to fill your open positions with top talent. This includes experienced team members, as well as entry level innovators. The Birmingham Group understands how challenging it can be to find qualified candidates in today’s competitive job market, and are here to impart a few tips for expanding your candidate search.

Employee Referrals

Most of your employees have had at least a handful of previous employers, meaning they also have a network of contacts who might not yet be on your radar. Ask your team if they might know anyone who has the professional skill set, personality, and professional approach that is an appropriate match for your company. Many companies do more than just request employee referrals, but offer referral bonuses for a successful match.

Internal Candidates—Beyond General Succession Planning

Promoting from within should go beyond your people pipeline and general succession planning, but should also include considering candidates opting for an entirely new challenge. You may have employees who exemplify your company culture, but are ready to take their career in an entirely new direction. Encourage an environment where your employees can speak openly about their evolving career goals, and consider filling your open positions with an employee looking for a lateral move into a new area of specialty.

Clearly Define Your Company Culture—And Match Candidates Accordingly

Per the Talent Development in the Construction Industry 2015 FMI Industry Survey, organizational culture continues to climb the list of deciding factors when accepting a job offer, or even when applying for a job opening.

This means it is now more important than ever to clearly define your culture, and make sure it is clear to applicants. This should be the case in both your job description and when they head to your website while researching your organization before applying. At the very least, make sure your mission, vision, and values are easy to identify.

Once defined, ensure your pre-employment screening includes questions and staffing strategies that match candidates beyond skill, but that also support your company culture.

Working With An Industry Recruiter To Expand Your Candidate Search

Working with recruiting firms isn’t a new concept, but as with anything, you must adopt a strategic approach to selecting the firm with which you work. Most recruiting firms have an industry or niche they specialize in, meaning you will be best served by a firm with a strong network and connections within your industry. This includes the quality candidates who are already gainfully employed, therefore not paying much attention to local job opportunities.

When selecting a recruiter, you must also inquire about the energy they invest in getting to know your internal culture, products, services, ongoing staffing needs, benefits, and organizational goals. Recruiting firms with the top connections in the industry offers less value than a firm who partners with you in your success.

Plan Ahead—So That You Have Ample Time To Win The Attention Of Qualified Candidates   

You never want to be left scrambling to fill a key position, or staff a new or growing department. While you certainly can’t predict employee turnover, it is imperative to have a plan in place for filling gaps meanwhile. This is why it is essential to cross-train and introduce a succession plan. You should also revisit your candidate pipeline and department charts to forecast and fill your open positions without feeling rushed.

Wow Your Current Clients And Employees—And Manage Your Online Reputation

We live in a digital age, where even mid-sized companies generate multiple pages of links in  a standard web search. This means you must keep an eye on the message your online reputation is sending. Companies with positive client reviews, positive press, and positive employee reviews are companies that qualified candidates want to apply to. If you have room to improve, work with a company who specializes in improving your online reputation.

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before. Top talent have more job openings at their fingertips than they could ever apply to, meaning you must work just as diligently to make your organization stand out—as candidates do to attract your attention. This is especially true when speaking of the quality candidates you require to maintain your competitive edge.

While most recruiting firms offer construction recruiting, TBG specializes in the construction industry. We identify the qualified candidates and top talent who will add immediate value. Reach out today to discuss your construction staffing needs!