Green and Healthy Building are the Future of Construction

//Green and Healthy Building are the Future of Construction

Green and Healthy Building are the Future of Construction

In light of the pandemic, hotel owners are among the most focused on the wellbeing and safety of their employees and guests. Developers are starting to incorporate a variety of different health-related features into new projects ranging from high-performance ventilation systems to antimicrobial finishes. Experts are also predicting an influx of new construction jobs in the immediate future to meet the growing demand for retrofitting safety features in existing structures around the U.S. to help slow the spread. Along with the already growing trend of green building and sustainable design, healthy building is leading the way forward in commercial construction. Below are some ways that green and healthy building are the future of construction.


Existing public spaces are now under greater scrutiny. How can you possibly keep visitors and employees healthy, when the inherent design has so many drawbacks? Construction firms are now leading the way in retrofitting buildings to be cleaner and greener. Construction estimators are helping to compute the costs associated with installing what are known as “coronavirus retrofit packages” that involve replacing carpet with solid flooring, updating shower curtains with glass doors and replacing other frequently touched surfaces with antibacterial finishes.

Greater Focus on Air Handling Systems

A recent study predicted that pandemic-era building owners are planning to invest more in adding high-tech filters to HVAC systems and upgrading air containment and sanitation systems to match those that were typically only found in hospitals before. Some engineering features expected to be added to hospitality spaces in the near future include:

  • Negative pressure air handlers.
  • High-performance ventilation.
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and/or UV light sanitization.
  • Outdoor air exchangers.
  • Negative pressurization to prevent the escape of airborne pathogens under doors.
  • Thermal cameras.
  • Automated systems like door openers, room controls, etc. to reduce touch points.
  • Air curtains for indoor and outdoor gathering spaces to enhance climate control.

Contractors are finding innovative ways to increase air movement in public spaces by bringing more outdoor air inside with curtain walls, screen doors, glass garage doors, etc. The demand for these systems and materials is growing significantly and could result in longer lead times if they aren’t ordered in advance.

Demand for LEED Certified Green Buildings
From consuming less water and energy to diverting more waste from landfills and reducing indoor air pollutants, the construction industry continues to experience a serious call to action from governmental panels on climate change. Construction firms that understand what it takes to complete LEED-certified projects are expecting to see more growth in the foreseeable future. Contractors are helping improve energy performance by shifting to high-performance lighting, appliances, and water heating systems.

The construction industry is rebounding from the coronavirus pandemic with experts predicting an abundance of projects related to improving indoor air quality, reducing touch points, and transitioning to sustainable building methods.


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