As the labor shortage in construction intensifies, firms are looking toward Generation Z to close the skills gap. Construction firms across the country have continued to devote more energy and resources, training programs, and recruitment as COVID-19 has caused large parts of the country to shut down. Here are some of the ways construction firms are attracting Gen Z to the industry.

Labor Shortage

Even though unemployment reached record highs this years, shortage of qualified talent remains an ongoing problem in the construction industry. Many professionals don’t want to work right now because they don’t want to take any chances with their health. Meanwhile, interest in construction has decreased in the last decade as more and more young professionals choose to seek four-year degrees, particularly in the tech field. This has left many firms with a desperate need to fill important positions.

The Role of Technology in Construction

One reason the construction industry has struggled to attract young professionals is because the industry as a whole has been slow to incorporate technology. Many members of Gen Z want to work in a high-tech field, but few associate construction with technology. Construction companies have been working to make their firms more tech friendly and integrate technology to improve overall processes. COVID-19 has actually sped things along by forcing many firms to implement virtual resources. As the industry continues to embrace technology, it will become easier to pitch construction to Generation Z.

Job Security

One of the biggest advantages of construction is that the industry offers excellent job security. When the pandemic occurred, many businesses in the retail and restaurant industries, for example, had to shut down completely. Many states considered construction to be essential. The demand for construction remains fairly consistent, so it is a great choice for professionals looking for a sense of security. Moving forward, members of Generation Z will likely prefer to work in an industry equipped to weather changes in global health, which represents a good opportunity for firms to pitch construction to younger professionals.

While this has been an interesting year for the U.S. economy, the construction industry continues to deal with a critical shortage of skilled labor. Many firms have struggled to attract members of Generation Z who are more interested in careers that allow them to develop their tech skills. Yet, as concerns about job security intensify and the industry itself becomes more reliant on technology, it will be easier for firms to appeal to Generation Z, which in turn will help decrease the labor shortage and increase workflow.


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