It gets easier to recruit and retain employees when you know what motivates them. Hiring strategies should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep up with changes in the construction industry. A growing number of Gen Z members are entering the workforce, and with the right approach, you can attract and retain them for your construction careers. Attracting Gen Z: Here’s what you can do.

Create a Stronger Online Presence

The newest generation of workers was born post-Internet. They are looking for fresh opportunities to use their digital skills in professional settings. Although you might already have a website up and running, that alone isn’t enough anymore. You’ll also need to boost your social media strategy to hire during a labor shortage. Next, confirm that your application process is optimized so there are no glitches. High employee turnover could be due to work culture issues that you might not even be aware of. Read some online reviews left by previous employees to learn what they experienced working at your firm.

Stress Job Stability and Growth

Job security is a primary concern among people entering the workforce for the first time. You want to gain a reputation for providing stable construction careers instead of seasonal jobs. Focus on meeting the basic needs of your employees, like providing good healthcare coverage, PTO, etc. before investing in recreational perks. Emphasize continued learning and skills development to keep employees from looking for new opportunities.

Offer More Flexibility

Highlight flexibility and remote work options during the hiring process to attract Gen Z. They are looking for companies that provide the best work-life balance. Gen Z workers are very independent, so you’ll want to avoid micromanaging them, and allow them some freedom to spearhead projects with minimal supervision.

Provide Regular Feedback

Recognizing and giving credit for hard work is essential to boosting retention. Regular communication gives you the opportunity to let them know where they stand and gives them the feeling of security they need to know they are doing a good job.

Highlight Authenticity

Gen Z favor companies that are purpose-driven. You also want a reputation for providing honest construction leadership. Hiring managers need to communicate the positive impact that their work will have on the world. Make sure your firm’s purpose and vision are clear and that employees can speak to the authenticity of the organization’s mission.

Start modifying your hiring strategies to accommodate new generations entering the workforce. It can take a combination of different things to attract the best employees. Promote job security, flexibility, and authenticity to retain Gen Z on your team.


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