LinkedIn is more than just a professional social network. It has evolved into a crucial networking and personal branding tool. Construction companies can take advantage of LinkedIn to find candidates to interview and advertise themselves as potential employer. If you ignore LinkedIn, your construction company is missing out on potential connections and talent.

Share Industry Knowledge – And Stand Out as a Potential Employer

One of the sometimes-overlooked features on LinkedIn that construction companies should be aware of is blogs. Writing blog posts on your LinkedIn page is an excellent way to share your industry knowledge while also showing the talent that you are knowledgeable.

This will highlight that your company is at the forefront of the construction industry. That, in turn, should help construction talent see you as an employer they want to work for.

Maybe that will encourage them to approach your company directly for a construction interview. Or maybe they will simply be more receptive when a recruiter approaches them.

Educate Yourself About Industry Trends

While you want to highlight your knowledge on LinkedIn, you can also use the platform to educate yourself. Read the blog posts or industry news articles written by other experts in construction and mine the content for valuable insights.

Once you familiarize yourself with the various tools included in LinkedIn, you will find even more ways to spot industry trends. Notably, not all of those trends are things you will see on your favorite construction news website. They can include things such as:

  • Blog post topics that are popular
  • Profile recommendations
  • Construction influencers
  • Group discussions
  • Popular groups

Build Relationships in Construction

As with any other industry, successful construction companies will have numerous relationships with other people and companies in the industry. Those relationships can span:

  • Business partners
  • Suppliers or distributors of materials
  • Candidates and talent you may hire
  • Clients who may hire your firm

Pay particular attention to making connections with talent in the industry. Those connections can streamline your recruiting process, as you may find it easier to spot candidates to invite for a construction interview.

Remember that the connections on LinkedIn allow for both warm introductions, which can increase your chances of attracting talent, clients, or suppliers. For these introductions, you find a common connection on your LinkedIn profiles and ask them to introduce you; it is essentially digital networking.

Do So with Groups – And Promote Construction Interviews

One of the many ways to build these connections on LinkedIn is via construction groups. Pay attention to discussions in construction-related groups and contribute when appropriate. This will not only help you make connections, but it will also familiarize talent with your company.

Examine the Competition

You can also use LinkedIn as a chance to analyze your competitors. For example, their LinkedIn pages may feature events for recruiting new people into the construction industry. If you see a competitor host these events and you don’t offer your own, you may lose out on recruiting talent.


LinkedIn offers numerous useful tools for construction companies. You can use it to build connections and network digitally. You can also use it to share industry knowledge so when a recruiter approaches a candidate about your company, they will already have a positive view of your business. This should increase the chances that they will continue with the interview and choose to work with you.

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