When you’re planning future construction projects as you have probably already learned, a company can’t just post ads and expect the quality candidates to come flowing in. No doubt, you’ve gone this route and wound up with numerous unqualified candidates, lost time, and a lot of disappointment. With the current labor shortage of qualified construction talent, companies have to take stock of their hiring strategy and make the necessary adjustments.

Skilled Labor Shortage

The market is at over full employment. Everyone who was seeking work has already found it and your company is likely coming up with candidates who’ve been repeatedly fired, are inexperienced, or chronically disgruntled. You’ve likely tried all the other methods and only came up underwhelmed there, as well. Advertising didn’t pay off; subcontractor referrals were another dead end and the employee referrals never seem to pan out.

The Importance of a Hiring Strategy

Hiring high quality construction talent in this market is more complex than the average company is equipped to handle on their own. Companies who land the best construction candidates are not running ads or relying on word of mouth – they’re working with a skilled recruiter.

There are good reasons companies don’t rely on luck when it comes to filling their construction roles. There are three major factors riding on the success of your company’s project:

  • Often millions of dollars at stake
  • Tough state and federal regulations to follow
  • A strict timeline for completion

Those are significant factors to consider and if you find your project with less than experienced and proven professionals it will cost time, money or even worse, the risk of facing a hefty fine and bad press coverage when some federal regulation is overlooked.

This is not a chance worth taking.

Become the Company to Work For

When you work with a tenured recruiter, your company is branded as a great company to work for. The advantage of working with a high-quality recruiter that specializes in construction is that they completely understand the industry, the process and have already recruited the very best talent to fill those construction jobs.

Experienced recruiters take their searches seriously and are highly selective in the candidates they choose. A recruiting firm that specializes in construction will help build your dream team because they are talking to top talent in the field every day. They get to know your exact needs, company culture, and growth plan to find a mutually compatible fit. Applicants are carefully screened, and the time is taken to selectively sift out the people who are not top talent.

A tenured recruiting firm is committed to their clients and stays focused on the search to recruit exactly what the client needs. A reputable, high quality recruiter can hone in on the very best of the talent while also keeping the sights on future leads for additional projects as they arise.

The result is that you gain the highly qualified candidates that you need and at the same time building a reputation an excellent company to work with.

It’s a win-win situation.

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