Having a recruiter on your side can make all the difference when it comes to your hiring strategy. It can be very difficult for companies to fill their high-demand positions if they approach it alone. Once you have a trusted recruiter on your side, be sure that they explain their recruiting process and what exactly they can do for you.

The Benefit

A recruiter’s unique process gives you the chance to hire talent that you were unable to hire on your own. There is a clear benefit to the client when the process is followed well. As a result, you’ll have the best chance to get a “yes!” from your ideal candidate when you put out an offer. This person will be a major asset to your company, so getting it right is critical.

The Client’s Involvement

How many deals has a recruiter lost because they claim that the client dragged their feet? Many, I’m sure. But a good recruiter knows better than to blame their client. If this happens, it’s the recruiter’s fault. It’s the recruiter’s job to be able to explain the process to their clients. Recruiters should be educating clients about what goes on in the search process, and the importance of keeping a timeline.

Explaining the Recruiting Process

The best recruiters are prepared to explain their process to clients at any time. Recruiters have a process where they can target every qualified candidate in their client’s market, and in a short period of time reach out to every one of them with a well-crafted presentation on why a client’s opportunity is exceptional. Recruiters should explain that they’re pursuing candidates that are happily employed and not even looking for a job. They have been with the same company in most cases for a number of years. As a matter fact, if they weren’t, we wouldn’t want to talk to them. Their current company is likely taking good care of them.

The Happily Employed Candidate

The best candidates will almost always tell a recruiter that they’re not looking for a new job. As recruiters, we understand that they’re not looking for a job, and that’s why we’re calling them. Our clients retain us for their most important positions when they need the best person for the job – not just the best unemployed person for the job. The chances they will find the right fit for what they need from that pool of candidates is very, very slim.

So that’s why they use us. We have the skills and experience to get these candidates to open up and talk to us, and consider the opportunities that our clients have.

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