While we like to stop and give thanks for the service and sacrifices given by current and former military members on Veterans Day, we also like to encourage veterans’ success and career advancement every day. One way we do this is by bringing awareness to underemployment among veterans in the civilian sector. As construction recruiters, we strongly encourage hiring service members because of their high potential, and since they already have many of the skills that are needed to be successful in this industry. Here are some ways your construction firm can attract more veterans to the construction industry.

Why Are Veterans Such a Good Fit for Construction?

Here are some reasons why veterans make exceptional construction employees:

  • Military operations require teamwork.
  • Veterans learned to take pride in their work.
  • They have superb leadership abilities.
  • Service members are self-confident, organized, and disciplined.
  • They have a strong work ethic.
  • They work well under pressure and adapt to changes easily.

Another benefit that often gets overlooked is the business tax credit that hiring veterans can provide. Now that we know why veterans make great employees in the civilian world, let’s take a closer look at how we can work together to attract more of these candidates to our industry.

Modify Job Descriptions and Interviews

Some traditional job descriptions aren’t relevant enough to get the attention of veterans. Organizations that have more success recruiting service members leverage civilian-to-military translator tools that reference specific military job titles and skills that you can then include in job listings. Jobs descriptions should include as much relatable language as possible, along with a clear description of responsibilities to appeal to veterans. This can also help determine what positions are a good fit for people with military backgrounds. Highlight opportunities to help others on the job. Before you start receiving resumes, just remind hiring managers that a veteran’s resume might look different from others. It’s important to ask veterans targeted questions during the interview process to match them with the right construction careers so that you can benefit fully from their skills.

Partner with Veterans Agencies and Organizations

You can find job seekers from all branches by attending veteran-specific job fairs and reaching out to the number of nonprofit agencies that help veterans secure civilian jobs. Share a video of a veteran that works for you that explains how and why they are a good fit for your organization. Check out the Hard Hat Heroes initiative that brings military-friendly employers and veterans seeking construction careers together. Some other popular organizations include: American Corporate Partners, Hire Heroes USA, Hiring Our Heroes and The Honor Foundation.

A majority of customers prefer doing business with organizations that support veterans, and even if you can’t hire a veteran now, there are still ways that you can keep them connected to your brand. For instance, you can sponsor a community event showcasing veterans, offer internships, or start a mentoring program.



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