In business, it is rare to see a successful transformation of a business. It takes a certain set of skills to become a transformative leader and successfully bring a company through major changes. Whether this is adapting to the skilled labor crisis, acquisitions and mergers, or another type of major change, having the right leadership makes a significant difference. If you want to become a transformative leader, then keep the following strategies and tips in mind.

Practice Accepting New Mental Models to Become a Transformative Leader

Whether you’re in construction leadership or another industry, part of being a transformative leader is being adaptable. That ability to adapt is closely related to your mental models. If you are used to only thinking about things in a certain way, it will be incredibly challenging to change your thinking when necessary for business transformation.

Because you never know when a great opportunity for change will come along, you need to be ready to at least consider new mental models at all times. You should have the confidence that if your analysis indicates it is a good idea, that you can embrace the new mental model. The best way to achieve this is to practice. Some good steps toward this goal include being mindful, regulating emotions and impulses, and considering what others will do.

Transformative Leaders Consider Individual Needs

As a transformative leader, you should be able to identify and consider the individual needs of each employee. This will allow you to create a work environment that encourages support and learning, helping you achieve your goals.

To develop this skill, start by spending time one-on-one or with small groups of employees to provide coaching. Make sure to recognize that every employee is unique and they all have different needs, goals, and abilities. Through your coaching and other interactions, help your employees develop their skills. You should also supplement this with formal training opportunities.

Once you have accepted that your employees have individual needs, work to adapt your leadership style to appeal to each of those.

Transformative Leaders Inspire

Transformative leaders are great at inspiring others. Whether in construction careers or another field, you want to inspire your employees to always do their best and reach high.

The best way to inspire others is to be enthusiastic about what you need to achieve and talk about the future in optimistic terms. You should also show confidence in the future and your team’s ability to achieve your goals.

This will help give your team the motivation and inspiration they need to push hard and achieve your company’s goals.

Transformative Leaders Encourage Creativity

If you want to become a transformative leader, you should also do your best to encourage your team to be creative. If someone says that something is impossible to do, challenge that assumption and give them encouragement to figure out a way to do so. Provide support and resources that let your team try new things and test their creativity. Encourage them to view challenges as learning opportunities.


You can start addressing the skilled labor crisis by improving your own skills in construction leadership. Be considerate and open, and encourage your employees to become the best they can be as well.

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