When you are looking into construction careers, you will likely have the most job satisfaction if you enjoy what you do. Figuring out your calling will require a level of self-awareness. Once you do, you will likely find yourself enjoying your work a lot more.

Why Self-awareness Matters for Finding Your Calling

Simply put, if you don’t know what you want out of life or out of a job, you can’t possibly find it.

You need to take the time to think about what you want from your future and think about where a potential career will take you. For example, some people prefer to stick to hands-on construction careers, while others are using that as a starting point to become part of construction leadership.

The first step in searching for a new career should always involve taking a step back to think about your goals and situations you excel in. Think about not only what you want to do but also where you want to do it. Do you want to achieve your goals with a team or work by yourself? Do you prefer a fast-paced environment or somewhere that is a bit less stressful?

What Areas of Self-awareness to Consider

As you start to think about your calling, there are a few critical aspects of your self-awareness and personal preferences that you want to think about.


Start by considering your interests. If you have a natural curiosity in a subject, you are more likely to do well in the field.


Next, think about your skills, both learned and natural, as well as those you want to develop. Look for a role that will let you put your current skills to good use while developing the skills you want to work on. This should also include thinking about any skills you should work on honing before applying for jobs.

Job-related Values

Think about what you value in a job. This is when you ask yourself questions about how much you value teamwork, work-life balance, career advancement, and leadership.

How Others Perceive You

Then, think about how others perceive you, including your strengths and weaknesses. Part of self-awareness is being in control of your image and what people think of you. You can make minor adjustments in how people perceive you as long as you know what they believe.

How to Improve Your Self-awareness to Find Your Calling

Before you can use self-awareness to find your calling, you need to know how to improve your self-awareness. Everyone is different, so what works well for you may not work well for others. However, there are some common strategies to consider.

Journaling is an excellent method, especially if you pay attention to what happened during the day and how that made you feel. You can also look at yourself in the mirror as a way to create a face-to-face conversation with yourself, as well as ask people you are close to how they (and others) see you.


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