If you’re looking for construction jobs, and only want to get the best possible offers, then you’ll need to focus more on differentiating yourself from other candidates. Construction recruiters are helping candidates to get great opportunity and better compensation package with these tips.

Pre-Interview Strategy

Effective interview preparation is essential for success. Before the interview, review all of your past jobs and highlight the times when you were able to make money, save money, or improve a process or procedure. Prepare to speak about how you accomplished those feats. Candidates with track records of landing the best construction careers are the ones who show they have the best chance of success. They can attest to accomplishing significant projects successfully by providing legitimate statistics and data to verify those claims.

Research and educate yourself concerning the new position. You should be poised to answer how you fit a specific position better than others by highlighting your past successes. Candidates are strongly encouraged to access LinkedIn to learn about the hiring manager and current employees who have similar roles. Company websites can also be very useful for information about the company’s values and accomplishments. Be prepared to talk about their current events, new projects, new divisions developed and accolades. Remain sharp and on point.

Interview Tips

Strive to distinguish yourself from other candidates during your interview with the following tips:

  • Ask the hiring manager what the most important things are that they’re looking for in the position.
  • Don’t ramble on about things that aren’t relevant. Concentrate on the most important items that show your success.
  • Do find out if there are any concerns before you leave. A lot of concerns that companies might have about a candidate aren’t valid and not even covered during the interview. If they can be addressed, clarified, and assuaged, then you’re a step ahead.
  • Don’t bring up money. If you’re pressed, be honest by stating something along the lines of “Here’s what I already make today, but money isn’t everything. I’m sure if I’m the best fit, you’ll make a fair offer.”
  • Do show long-term commitment. Ask questions pertaining to those areas.
  • Do ask intelligent questions. Strong questions give you clarity about the job while simultaneously showing your character and work ethic in a positive light.
  • Don’t ask about salary and benefits too early because it makes candidates look like they aren’t serious about the duties of the job.
  • Do ask about job related questions such as the software they use, project management strategies, etc.
  • Do ask questions where the answer is most important to them while also selling yourself. For instance, “If I make a change it’s important to me that I go with a company that I can be with for a long time. Where do you see the company in 5,10, or 15 years?” It answers your question and makes you look good in the process. Here’s another example: “One thing I like about my company is that I’m considered to be a top person in this position and I take pride in that. What would I need to accomplish to be considered a great hire?”
  • Do inquire about the next steps in the process. Show you want it; show you’re serious and passionate.

Finally, you can further differentiate yourself from average candidates by expressing your desire for long-term commitment, your emphasis on honesty, and focus on drive.


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