Part of construction recruiting is knowing how to empower your employees. Remember that having empowered employees will improve your company’s reputation. That, in turn, should encourage people to apply for a job. Employee empowerment is also an excellent way to find areas for improvement within your company, making it one of suitable any good construction leadership priorities.

Encourage Suggestions to Empower Employees

One of the best ways to empower employees is to encourage them to share their ideas and suggestions with your construction leadership team. Importantly, you have to clarify to employees that you will consider their requests instead of simply ignoring them. Even better, reward employees for good suggestions. That reward could be monetary, or it could be as simple as praising them in the next meeting and giving them credit for their idea.

This allows benefiting from suggestions your employees make. Those benefits can be even more significant if your construction recruiter focuses on hiring a diverse team.

At the same time, it helps your employees feel empowered. Empowered employees are more likely to be happy with their jobs, reducing employee turnover. That can save you time with construction recruiting, as there will be fewer jobs to fill. It can also boost your reputation as an employer, helping you attract a wider talent pool.

Offer Generous Boundaries to Empower Employees

When it makes sense within your company, give your employees freedom and decision-making power within a set of generous boundaries. An example could be letting construction estimators offer a discount of up to a certain amount for potential clients in certain situations. Employees will feel empowered by the trust that you show in them.

Focus on Your Team’s Strengths to Empower Employees

As you decide how to assign tasks to employees, do so based on their strengths. On top of that, make sure to praise your team for their strengths, so they know you appreciate them. This appreciation will empower them and make them feel valued. As with the other empowerment tips on this list, that should result in improved employee retention.

Offer Opportunities for Growth to Empower Employees

In addition to recognizing and taking advantage of your employee’s strengths, help them hone their strengths and build new skills as well. Think of this as giving your employees a path for growth. Most people want room for development and improvement, even if construction leadership isn’t their ultimate career goal. Offering growth opportunities will help your employees in the future. It will help your business by giving you more skills to take advantage of without recruiting more employees.

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