Negotiating a better salary can seem daunting when you’re a construction worker. Any deviation from the first offered rate can seem like begging for more money, even when there are more time commitments, and responsibilities added.

Don’t fret; we have some ideas on how to navigate through negotiating a higher salary. In fact, these initiatives can make you feel very empowered.

Consider the right tactics and strategies, and you’ll earn more in no time.

Do Your Research

If you want to negotiate with confidence, you should research your niche and what your experience should pay. There are sites like and that will give you an idea of the going rate for your skill set. Make sure to consider your geographic location as well.

When you enter a negotiation knowing your value, you know where to keep your boundaries.

Think Beyond Paychecks

Remember that compensation goes beyond salaries and individual paychecks. If your construction company is hesitant to meet your desired wage, consider asking for a bonus at sign-on or other one-time bonuses, such as relocation.

These benefits or bonuses can make the transition smoother and get you to the pay point you need.

Stay Silent

When negotiating, the silence in natural conversation can make you nervous. However, you will benefit from embracing these pauses. Many want to avoid the awkward moment and fill it with nervous chatter.

When a pause happens during negotiations, both sides are given more time to reflect and often come to a more agreeable contract.

Consider A La Carte

Negotiate further than what construction companies offer as standard. Also, keep the option to run your own business, which means you shouldn’t sign non-compete clauses. These clauses can lock you out of your career.

Remember that contracts evolve. According to several studies, employees have increased benefit options. Make sure you are receiving the best from your employer.

Negotiate Beyond Your Job

Many people pursue passions and productivity outside of their work. You will need a company that allows for some of this flexibility. Carefully consider their policies and how they will affect other areas of your life and interests you want to pursue.


With inflation, it may be time to renegotiate your construction salary.

Before you start negotiations, research the average salary for your role so you know where you stand.

During negotiations, know when to stay silent and when to think beyond the paycheck. You should also think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to build your own business or switch companies to get a better salary or overall package.

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