Every construction company will find itself in need of more project managers at some point. This is both a crucial part of company growth and the natural result of people leaving or retiring.

But you want to ensure that the project managers you hire are hard-working and talented with plenty of experience. This will improve the chances of keeping the project on time and budget and everyone staying safe.

As you conduct interviews or work with your recruiter, use the following tips to spot a great construction project manager.

They Can Work on a Team

Construction project managers should always be able to work on a team. It may seem slightly counterintuitive at first, as you want them to lead the team. But to lead well, you need to know what it takes to be on a team.

This not only affects their leadership. It also means that the construction project manager can physically help out with projects when there is a time crunch or assistance is needed.

As a bonus, when a project manager works on the team occasionally, this helps employees feel better about themselves. They will feel like they are truly a team and cared for, boosting morale.

They Have Great Organizational Skills

Anyone considering hiring a construction project manager should have great organizational skills. These skills are crucial for planning projects as well as following the plans.

The best project managers will have all the details planned out, so they don’t have to second-guess what comes next. If everything is planned, they can see what will be affected and make the necessary changes. These organizational skills also make good construction project managers better adapted to change.

They Can Prioritize Tasks or Problems

Every construction project has a long list of tasks to complete at once, and more than one problem can appear at a time. To spot a great construction project manager, look for someone who can prioritize these tasks or issues.

This will let them tackle a single issue at once instead of trying and failing to multitask. While we all want to be able to multitask, no one is great at it, and it can lead to mistakes. The ability to prioritize is much more important.

They Learn From Mistakes

As in any leadership role, good construction project managers will learn from their mistakes. They will not see failure as the end of a project or task. They will see it as a stumbling block and learning opportunity on the path to success.

Other Traits to Help You Spot a Great Construction Project Manager

While the above traits and skills are some of the most important in a construction project manager, they are far from the only ones. The following traits are also great indicators that you should consider looking for in the candidate:

  • Communication skills, including listening
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to delegate
  • Can stay calm under pressure


 You should have no problem spotting a great construction project manager by looking for the above traits. Your chosen project manager should be able to lead your company to success. If you need additional help choosing a construction project manager, turn to a recruiter.

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