While most people don’t necessarily think construction and working from home go hand-in-hand, not all construction careers take place solely on-site. If you have an interest in construction, you may have a role that can be done at least part of the time remotely. Some examples include good construction leadership, construction recruiting, sales, and even construction estimator jobs.

Regardless of your job title and responsibilities, you will want to do your best to stay balanced when working from home. Failing to do so can make it hard to separate your work from your personal life. It can lead to distractions while working or the opposite problem, overworking. The following advice can help you avoid your personal labor crisis and stay balanced.

Set Hours and Stick to Them 

One of the most important things to do is to set your hours and then follow them. If you wouldn’t usually bring work home from the office, don’t work after hours from home when you regularly work remotely. Even just a simple task at night can turn into a slippery slope and mean putting in more time.

Don’t feel guilty about sticking to your hours: You will be more productive during the workday if you have time to decompress at the end of it.

Create a Morning Routine 

Another great way to stay balanced is to create a morning routine of some sort. Think of it as a replacement for your morning commute. Your routine should help you clear your head and get yourself mentally ready for a day of work.

This routine will be different for everyone. Some people may like the 6-Minute Miracle Morning, which includes a minute each of silence, affirmations, visualization, scribing, reading, and exercise. Others will want to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the news. Others will want to exercise or do yoga. You can even make changing into work clothes part of this routine to further differentiate between work and leisure.

Simply having a morning routine, no matter what it is, can help you separate work and leisure and improve focus throughout the workday.

Work Only in Your Workspace 

Working only in your workspace means two things: First, you should have a designated space of your home where you work and, whenever you do work, do it in this space instead of somewhere else. Second, do not do activities that are not work in this dedicated space.

Creating a designated workspace that is just for work will do wonders for balancing your life and work. Entering the space will put you in a work mindset and help reduce distractions. At the end of the day, leaving the room will let your brain know you are done with work and should not be worrying about projects or tasks.

Combine this designated workspace with the first tip of setting a schedule. Make it a point to enter and leave the workspace based on the schedule you set for yourself. Remember to occasionally leave the office for your lunch break or other small breaks during the day.


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