The key to success in any industry is developing the talent that you already have. Developing your employees in house is also one of the most effective ways to overcome the skilled labor shortage and fill your job openings with experienced people. First, let’s review some of the benefits associated with strong employee development. Then, we will share some strategies that you can use to improve your program.

Reasons You Should Invest in Employee Development

There are several reasons why investing in employee development is important. Recruiting great talent is just the first step that construction recruiters can help you with. Then, management has to take it seriously by focusing on putting the right people in the best positions. Build a roster of promotable employees because they will be more knowledgeable, understand your clients, and already know your standard operating procedures better than new candidates. Good employees are like stocks that steadily grow in value, so retention is essential to long term success. Many employers continue to struggle with employee engagement issues now, too. Boost employee development by offering intriguing training programs and fun workshops to keep employees interested in their work.

Try These Talent Development Strategies

Ongoing skill training is essential to employee development. As technology continues to advance across the industry, good construction leadership will help employees master new skills so they can advance within the firm. On-the-job training is the most common strategy used to reskill and upskill employees. Furthermore, online training is growing in popularity since it is more cost-effective and typically easier to access. After improving skill training, you can move on to some more creative talent development strategies including:

  • Quit punishing employees for failing. Our greatest lessons in life generally come from making mistakes. It may be counterintuitive for some leaders to stop punishing employees for making mistakes but failing can help employees grow. Instead, turn failures into learning opportunities by providing consistent guidance and feedback.
  • Provide more informal training. Management coaching is a proven way to develop lower-level talent into leadership roles. Encouraging more peer-to-peer feedback also guarantees ongoing growth. Try pairing entry-level employees with an experienced mentor to advance hard skills.
  • Provide employees with career ladders. Give employees the clarity, focus and purpose to grow with you.
  • Identify skill gaps. If you need more construction estimators, learn what current employees need to fill these roles.
  • Don’t allow your best employees to get stuck on a career plateau. Encourage employees to apply for new job openings.

Developing the talent you already have is a wise investment that improves employee retention. Construction recruiters can help get you started by hiring the best candidates on the market. Then, use these tips to keep employees engaged and ensure proper career progression.

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