It’s easy to get distracted by the negative headlines in the news lately, but it’s important to keep a focused hiring strategy even during challenging times. Having a hiring program that is broad, flexible, and unique to your organization is essential. Hiring managers should concentrate on what talent is needed now, along with determining essential roles. Below are some strategies to keep a focused hiring strategy.

Promote People-First Hiring Practices

Speed and efficiency are still important features to have if you want to find and retain top talent. Although a majority of organizations have experienced a negative impact on revenues from the pandemic, if there is a silver lining that might come out of this, it could be that it is providing an opportunity for business owners to reboot their workforces so they are more diverse. But whatever hiring approach you assume, ensure that it is built on a foundation of compassion and flexibility. Then, focus on the main pillars of human-centric hiring:

  1. Keep regular communication with candidates throughout the hiring process.
  2. Understand your candidates’ values.
  3. Stress workplace wellness during the interview process.

Innovative Hiring Strategies

Finding a good balance between human touch and tech in the hiring process is more important now than ever. Automated marketing platforms, recruitment process automation, video handshakes and pre-hire assessments are all tools that you can use to improve hiring efficiency and keep candidates engaged. Organizations have started using pop-ups on their career sites explaining how candidates can apply for construction jobs during the pandemic.

Re-skilling and Leadership Development

You can still help grow your organization right now by investing in leadership development and re-skilling programs. It’s important to remember that employees are aware if an organization has a history of promoting from within, and you can keep your workforce optimistic and motivated if you enable them to move up the ladder, versus always filling executive-level roles with outside hires. There are times when you should partner with a construction recruiter to find candidates that can give you that fresh perspective that you need, but don’t overlook the possibilities of growing your own talent from within.

A focused hiring strategy begins with identifying the critical roles in your organization. From moving to a contact-free economy to new federal regulations, good construction leaders know the importance of being proactive and adapting their short- and long-term strategies to accommodate change that is happening around the industry. With a focused strategy you can recruit and retain top talent even during a pandemic.


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