A recent report indicates that a growing number of women are moving into construction careers that were traditionally held by men. The number of women in certain construction jobs grew more than 100% from 2015 to 2019. It’s an important trend to follow because we understand how diversity in construction can positively affect profit and collaboration. Here are a few reasons why more women are entering the construction industry, along with some ways to achieve more inclusive workplaces.

Limitless Career Opportunities, Job Security and Competitive Salaries

Construction is gradually moving away from the stereotypical dirty jobs in macho environments and becoming more appealing to people from all types of backgrounds and education levels. But it’s an industry that really values creativity, drive and hard work which makes it a good match for men and women alike. The earn-while-you-learn model is appealing to candidates that are entering the workforce after graduation. From civil engineering to management, the career opportunities are truly limitless, and construction salaries are more competitive than ever as the demand grows for women across the industry. Plus, construction always ranks among the highest on job security, and given the call for more infrastructure projects over the next several years, the industry could experience prolonged labor shortages making it a candidate’s market.

Adding More Balance to the Construction Workforce

One of the golden rules of construction recruiting has always been to access all the talent that is available. Women make up more than 50% of the U.S. workforce and construction firms must stay focused on finding the best talent regardless of gender. Encouraging more women to enter the construction trade is going to take a commitment that starts with companies and carries all the way up to the federal level. Improving gender equality can start with something as simple as having conversations involving women already working construction jobs. Then, we can move on to promoting the exciting roles around this industry, providing a supportive and inclusive work culture, and removing job related stereotypes from our education system.

The construction recruiters at the Birmingham Group understand the significance of creating a diverse workforce. From an industry standpoint, everybody needs to do their part in promoting positive work cultures that appeal to a wide range of candidates.

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