There are many different stereotypes about the construction industry out there that impact the number of people who choose to enter the field. Here are some of the most common myths about construction from both companies and job-seekers, along with the plain truth about these misconceptions.


  • Automation will take all of the jobs. A growing number of job seekers are concerned that if they choose construction careers they will be replaced by some form of automation in the future. From 3D printers to robot-powered heavy equipment, the use of automation is on the rise in many professions across the country, including this one. But the construction industry will always require professional humans to operate and oversee these automated systems, along with skilled laborers to build and maintain the structures needed all over the world.
  • It’s a dead-end job. Construction is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The current administration has even called for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending package. This translates to an abundance of entry-level positions plus plenty of opportunities for workers already in the field to advance in their construction careers. From project managers and estimators, to superintendents and project directors, there are many opportunities to succeed and earn a lucrative living in construction.
  • I’m already happy where I’m working. Also known as passive candidates, these are the people who already working in the field and are not currently in the job market. While they may be happy where they are, most don’t know what’s really out there if they’ve been working for the same firm for a long time. There is no risk in consulting with a construction recruiter even when you consider yourself happily employed. There are more opportunities for advancement than ever.
  • It’s all manual labor. Even though there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty as a skilled tradesman, there are also plenty of white-collar construction leadership jobs that require degrees. The demand for project managers and construction estimators continues to grow across the nation.
  • The pay is not good. In reality, the pay for construction careers is exceptional compared to many other professions. And if you are driven and persistent, you can readily earn six figures in construction.
  • Construction is easy (or hard). Make no mistake, this industry is for those people who want to earn a good and stable living. Albeit, some jobs are more challenging than others, it is still one of the most rewarding professions out there. The point is, there are a wide range of opportunities in construction ranging from working on-site to working in a back-office.

Construction Firms

  • I already know how to hire good employees. The hiring process most firms use is designed to attract the most desperate people – those who are unemployed or unhappy. And then they ask you to put together a resume for a position they know very little about. Most firms have a hiring process that does not attract high-performing passive candidates.
  • I need candidates who have tons of experience with the exact type of projects our firm does. The reality is, that you need to be open to candidates with a great work ethic who have similar experience and the ability to learn. Oftentimes it’s more effective to hire based on potential and drive. Candidates who are motivated, outgoing, and fit the culture might be a better fit than those with more experience.


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