Advancements in equipment and technology are helping construction supervisors and construction superintendents to make the oil and gas construction industry more efficient and safer. From advanced monitoring solutions to recently developed inspection cameras, here are some new announcements about equipment via Pipeline News.

1. AMT Pipe Trailer Attachment

Manufactured by ARDCO, this new attachment is designed for safe and efficient handling of pipe. The AMT Pipe Trailer offers adjustable lengths and exceptional load capacity, making it ideal for off-road transport in pipeline or utility construction applications.

2. XL-I Series

StraightLine HDD recently expanded its hole opener offering with the introduction of the XL-I Series. Designed from the ground up for horizontal directional drilling, the XL-I Series is positioned as a cost-effective alternative to “split-bit” hole openers. At the core of the design are proprietary cones—available in six sizes, in either Tungsten Carbide or Mill Tooth configurations.

3. Underground Utility Locators

McLaughlin revealed a new line of underground utility locators. The Vision locators combine proven McLaughlin technologies to ensure accuracy with new features to help contractors find underground utilities more efficiently. The Vision product line includes three models: the LX for utility contractors, the FLX2 with fault finding capabilities for power companies and secondary power contractors, and the premium GX2, designed with professional locators in mind.

4. Integrity Management System

Rheidiant is developing a real-time monitoring solution, bringing Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to hard to access assets of oil and gas operators. Its Smart Sign™ integrity management system is a unique service that allows operators and construction superintendents to spot previously undetectable leaks on their pipelines before they turn into large environmental spills.

5. Stick Welding Power Sources

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduced two new additions to the Thunderbolt lineup of stick welding power sources. The Thunderbolt 160 and Thunderbolt 210 offer power and lightweight portability for a variety of light industrial applications, including garage and job shops, farm and ranch, maintenance repair, and light production-line work.

6. Gas Analyzers

The Thermo Scientific iQ Series gas analyzers are the first instruments developed on the new, innovative Thermo Scientific iQ Series environmental monitoring platform and build upon earlier generations. They are designed to be more reliable and more accessible than predecessor models while offering faster, more precise and uninterrupted data acquisition capabilities. The analyzers also feature a new touchscreen interface designed to optimize user control over source emission and ambient monitoring data.

7. Vacuum Lifting System

Vacuworx has introduced a compact vacuum lifting system for handling concrete slabs, steel trench plates, pipe and other job-site lifting needs. The new CM 3 system is designed to fit on skid-steer loaders, track and articulated wheel loaders, said Randy Hayes, Vacuworx corporate sales director. “To the best of our knowledge, the CM 3 is the only vacuum lifting system like it on the market.”

8. Hand-Held Inspection Cameras

The latest generation of RIDGID hand-held inspection cameras is purpose-built to help inspect, locate and diagnose issues faster than ever. The Micro CA-150 and Micro CA-350 Inspection Cameras are for construction supervisors and professionals working in tough environments who require the latest technology for quick job-site feedback and project implementation.

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