With the skilled labor shortage (now so more than ever due to the pandemic), this is the perfect time to enter construction careers or to look for a way to advance an existing one. However, applicants should be familiar with the most common questions during construction interviews. Meanwhile, construction recruiters need to know what to ask and why.

The following questions are must-haves for construction recruiting roles. Remember that a good interview will include questions that assess soft skills, hard skills, and behavior.

Tell Me About Your Past Construction Work

This will hint at the hard skills of a given candidate. The ideal candidate will have experience working on a range of projects. More importantly, however, the best candidates want to try new types of construction or have more challenges. Even if they have minimal experience, they may be a good fit if they have the drive.

The ideal answer to this question will highlight a variety of project types and roles. It will detail the various types of buildings you worked on and the specific skills you used in each. Do your best to show varied experience when answering.

How Do You Stay Safe on Construction Sites?

Good construction leadership makes safety a priority on construction sites, but the average worker also needs some accountability. Even if the job is for an entry-level role that anyone can fill, maintaining safe practices is crucial.

The ideal answer will include basics such as wearing a hard hat and work boots. It will also mention paying attention to your surroundings. It is even better if you acknowledge the challenges and importance of safety on construction sites.

How Did You Contribute to Your Most Successful Construction Project?

This is a behavioral question that encourages specific examples that highlight a candidate’s experience. It also lets them show their passion for projects.

Given the labor crisis, not all candidates will have construction experience. In that case, interviewers might look for successes in past jobs and the candidate’s ability to tie that success back into construction.

When answering this question, recruiters want to hear specifics. Maybe you discovered a potential problem before leadership did or came up with a method to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality. At the very least, mention contributions like teamwork, putting in extra effort or overtime, or taking on additional responsibilities.

Imagine You Are Working Late with subsequent Shift Starting Early. What Does the Site Look Like When You Leave?

This is a behavioral question that gives the interviewer insight into how a candidate will work on a team. This question also lets construction recruiters see that you understand the importance of an organized job site.

The ideal answer will highlight how leaving the site tidy will improve efficiency for the next team and improve safety. Recruiters want an answer that indicates that candidates will always leave the site in good condition, regardless of who will be the next one to work there.

Tell Me About Your Time Management Skills and Why They Are Relevant to Construction Careers

This is the time for candidates to mention their strategies for time management. It also lets them show that they understand the importance of staying on track for construction projects. Specifically, the best candidates will mention that small delays can be expensive, and cause missed deadlines.

The answer should also show adaptability. After all, construction workers frequently have to adapt to changing weather conditions or if another worker calls out sick. Flexibility helps keep projects on track.

To make your response even better, mention more than just your reliability and promptness. Perhaps mention a time that you agreed to work overtime or covered a last-minute shift for another member of the team to help the project stay on track.

Conclusion for Construction Interviews

Construction recruiters can use the above questions to find the best candidates for a role. Meanwhile, candidates can use them, along with the knowledge of what recruiters want to hear, to stand out during their interview and get their ideal job.

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