There are a lot of positive benefits to working in the construction field. Many of the positions in demand pay very well and they can also be exciting and fulfilling. From helping to build infrastructure like the roads and bridges we all rely on, to constructing institutions of higher education, you can work on a wide range of projects in construction. Many who work in the construction field get a sense of satisfaction knowing they made a mark on the landscape and made a difference in people’s everyday lives.

Job Security

Since construction jobs are in demand, there is built-in job security. Construction is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. There will always be a need for building projects, both across the country and around the globe. Within construction, there’s room to develop new skill sets and advance into roles with higher pay and more responsibility. This is especially true as a growing number of construction project managers, superintendents, and construction estimators retire.

Construction Industry Niches

One aspect of the industry that construction professionals enjoy is the variety of development they can be involved in. There are a variety of niches that you can work in including: healthcare, hotels, apartment buildings, big-box stores, higher education, wastewater, as well as oil & gas, federal, and military development.

One trend in construction is the rise of grocery-anchored mixed-use developments. To keep up with the competition, older grocery stores are searching for innovative designs to attract more customers and provide the most convenient shopping experience. In an effort to promote social-friendly atmospheres, some stores are even featuring pubs, cooking schools, food delivery services, and outdoor dining areas.

Team Work

One aspect of working in construction that many people seek is working on a team and building lasting relationships with colleagues and clients. Mentors can provide stability when you start with a new company – helping to show you around, and get you acquainted with the ins-and-outs of a firm. On the flip side, there are many opportunities for mentorship where you can help others advance through teaching, guiding, and supporting their growth.

Be an Agent of Change

As the population across the world continues to expand, the construction industry will be responsible for meeting this demand by building reliable and sustainable infrastructure projects. Since many cities are investing in smart city technology, construction companies will also need to continue evolving. The evolution of construction materials continues to grow as companies seek out new and innovative materials that are strong, reliable and have a lighter environmental impact. The movement towards more sustainable construction is another challenge as the industry seeks cost-effective solutions to ensure buildings can withstand extreme weather events like flooding, fires, and earthquakes.

But, arguably the most significant reward related to construction careers is the overall sense of pride and accomplishment of working on projects you can feel good about. Those who work in construction reap the benefits of enhanced camaraderie, job security, and advancement opportunities that are available to them.

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