If you’re searching for a rewarding career after graduating high school, or even college, then working in the oil and gas construction field can provide you with a variety of perks that are difficult to find in other jobs. Employees working in this trade are quick to point out the benefits.


The oil and gas construction industry is a close-knit group. Although there may be many different organizations within the industry, there’s never a shortage of mutual support amongst those working in the oil and gas construction field. Everyone knows each other and it feels like a big family. So, even though there’s plenty of hours and significant travel, the camaraderie among employees is second to none.


From great benefits to the chance to earn a six-figure salary, the compensation for careers in the oil and gas construction field can be 50% more than other construction jobs. Jobs in the oil and gas construction industry normally have solid benefits packages that workers can count on. Better compensation allows for a variety of lifestyle improvements for workers. Those working in the industry can count on more and better-quality family vacations and the ability to send your kids to more prestigious colleges.

Employees in oil and gas construction can earn six figures even without a college degree. Although the trend is moving more toward employers favoring those who have some kind of construction education. A majority of workers also report high levels of job satisfaction and enjoy benefits including medical and dental coverage along with generous paid-time-off.

Travel Opportunities

Many candidates choose jobs in oil and gas construction because of the extensive travel that comes with the trade. From helping to expand existing oil pipelines to building new natural gas gathering systems, most workers in this field rave about getting paid to travel around the world.

Personal Satisfaction

A number of oil and gas construction projects are newsworthy and have a profound impact upon US and international growth. Many workers are responsible for installing and developing pipeline technologies all across the US and Canada in an effort to bring vital energy to homes and businesses. The oil trade also supplies so many products and experiences that most people take for granted in their day-to-day lives including: air travel, automotive transportation, heating, plastics, and even the paint that is used every day to add color to interior and exterior buildings. The oil and gas industry creates thousands of jobs for people across the globe.

Job Security

Even during periods of economic downturn, job security remains high in oil and gas construction. Workers often achieve retirement much sooner than other careers. Many of them leverage their experience to enter semi-retirement, eventually becoming industry consultants who make their own schedule and work less hours. This semi-retirement allows many to travel, live around the world in multiple homes, and work much more flexible schedules.

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