The senior living construction sector is growing, and so is the rise of tech investment. Much of the technology investment is designed to maximize the senior living facilities’ efficiency or promote health and safety.

Senior Living Construction Growth

Like the oil and gas sector, senior living has been experiencing construction growth for several years. There was a brief drop during the pandemic when all construction was reduced. However, the sector is already rebounding and returning to its previous upward trend.

As expected, the industry continues to adapt to new technology. This has led to an increase in tech investment. Construction workers and firms alike are more likely to install tech than before.

Facilities Are Using Tech to Boost Energy, Oil, and Gas Efficiency

As mentioned, one of the main ways these facilities use tech is to boost efficiency. This process begins during the planning phase, as the more efficient technologies and systems to monitor them must be installed during construction. While it is possible to add the technology afterward or retrofit an existing building, this becomes more complicated.

For example, many facilities are using smart building technology to monitor and control efficiency, from lights to temperatures.

That Efficiency Frees Up Capital

The reduction in energy costs frees up funding for the care. For example, some facilities use it to hire more workers. This can improve efficiency and reduce the physical and mental workload on staff. The result is better quality of care for residents.

Facilities Are Using Tech to Boost Safety

Many of the technological applications within the senior living construction are also there to improve the safety of residents. This is especially important for senior living, as the residents have unique risks. For example, there are fall prevention sensors and door alarms to keep track of patients. There are also improvements to alarms and monitoring systems for fire and water.

Tech Investments After Construction

All of the above tech investments have to occur before or during construction, as construction firms handle at least some of the installation. However, senior living facilities are also investing in other senior care-related technology.

One example would be upgraded HR systems for scheduling. Another would be the use of robots to move food between the dining area and kitchen, letting staff focus on the residents.

How This Tech Affects Construction

These investments do not directly affect the construction of the building. However, they can affect how spaces are designed and, therefore, the plans that construction teams will follow. They may also affect the budget that facilities have for building.


Senior living construction is growing as well as changing. Increasingly, construction firms are either directly integrating new tech or following plans that will accommodate that tech. This gives companies and workers familiar with the tech an advantage when landing projects.

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