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Construction Recruiters Provide a Competitive Edge in a Hot Labor Market

Most leadership roles in construction don’t have the time to recruit new candidates. Everyone from site managers to execs has better ways to use their time. At the same time, you don’t want to relegate recruiting to a few minutes a day. Doing so won’t allow you to find top talent. Construction [...]

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How to Leverage a Construction Recruiter to Find Your Best Job

It is human nature to be skeptical when someone approaches you. This is especially true with something crucial like your job. But learning to leverage a construction recruiter can make your job hunt much easier. It can also help you find a job that better fits your goals. When you work with [...]

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The Birmingham Group Celebrates Our 50th Anniversary

The Birmingham Group is proud to announce our 50th anniversary on April 17th, 2017. As one of the first construction executive search firms in the nation, we understand how rare a milestone the Golden Business Anniversary has become. We would like to thank each and every construction firm in Michigan, and around [...]

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