Don’t overlook the power of telling a compelling company story. It can work like a magnet that pulls candidates toward opportunities with your firm. The most talented, experienced candidates are often being recruited by several different construction recruiters, and when they can’t decide which one to work for, many of them choose the company with the most powerful success story. Regardless of the size of your business, creating an exceptional company story can quickly become your most useful tool for connecting and building trust with an audience. Here are some tips to help you craft an effective story.

  • What’s special about your company? Start by explaining how your work environment is different from other places. In lieu of working grueling schedules with little encouragement, a growing number of employees prefer those work environments that focus more on providing support, camaraderie, and a chance to advance their careers.
  • What’s going to make someone want to leave their company for yours? Focus on creating a unique selling proposition that distinguishes your business from all of the others in the construction industry. Highlight a service, benefit, etc., that you can provide them with that isn’t found anywhere else in the market.
  • Look at your marketplace. What are the areas within your organization that you can highlight that differentiates you from the rest of the market?
  • Talk to people within the organization. What do they like about working there? New employees are more likely to trust the input from those current employees who are already working in firms they are interested in rather than from a suit setting behind a desk. Consult people who began with an entry level position and moved up through the ranks, those dedicated team members that’ve been with your organization for 20+ years, to learn what they like most about their jobs.
  • Educate and inform people. Build a team of brand ambassadors at the peer level who are dedicated and equipped to inform the public overall and during the interview process.
  • Look for unique things about your company. How long have you been in business? What do owners and clients say about you? Share testimonials.
  • How do contractors feel about you? You should ensure that contractors have a positive experience when working on any project with you. If they are happy working with you, gain quotes or testimonials you can share with potential candidates.
  • How does your community feel about you? It’s essential to establish a positive reputation within the local community. Consider sponsoring a sport’s team, setting up a booth at a community event, or providing a neighborhood clean-up to boost your company’s standing in town.
  • Work-Life balance. What does that mean in your company? Give examples of how your company meets those needs. Do you offer flexibility? Support? Exactly how do you do that?

Construction leaders spend a significant amount of their resources on marketing plans to show why an owner would want to pick their construction firm for a project. If you invest the same resources toward crafting your company’s story, then candidates will also know why they should pick your organization as well.

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