Many construction firms across the nation are making some common mistakes when it comes to their hiring practices. Yet, there are so many advantages to hiring and retaining the right construction talent. Maintaining a sufficient workforce often translates to completing projects faster and company expansion. It can also help improve the overall safety of an organization, because there’s less of a demand for overtime, and workers can focus more on adhering to safety guidelines. Here are what I like to call the “7 Deadly Sins of Hiring” and some ways to correct them.

  1. Not making hiring a priority. Even if your company already has a full roster of talented employees, your hiring process should always be persistent. High-performance organizations always have a list of priorities, and talent acquisition should remain near the top.
  2. Not getting back to candidates or being slow to communicate. Candidates who are considering a position with a construction firm are looking for leaders who show respect and consideration during the hiring process. Don’t force talent to wait for weeks to hear back from you after interviewing them because the top candidates will no longer be on the market.
  3. Not being welcoming to candidates. Candidates want to feel valued, and the day of the interview is no exception. Be on your game. Also, remember to sell applicants on your opportunities while displaying politeness, professionalism, and patience to help distinguish your firm from the competition.
  4. Conducting a long, slow hiring process. Don’t force candidates to jump through too many hoops. One of the most common blunders being made today is subjecting candidates to those never-ending preemployment tests and assessments. Unless you’re offering an internship to a college student, don’t be a company that makes candidates with a history of proven success complete job duties without pay.
  5. Not telling your company’s story. Not having everyone on the same page about the role and the company’s unique story is detrimental to your goal of hiring a great candidate. The best candidates on the market want more than just a paycheck. They also want to be part of a company that has a triumphant story and a winning strategy.
  6. Not knowing what you want. Indecision will keep you from landing the talent you need to grow and succeed. Yet, it’s also important to be flexible to the unique climate of the candidate pool and market. If you don’t find the “perfect” fit who has the exact experience you are looking for, hire for intelligence and drive (the intangibles).
  7. Working with multiple recruiters. Working with multiple construction recruiters can be deceiving. Although it might seem very strategic on the surface, there are actually many downsides that can hinder the hiring process including:
    · The inability to get a mutual commitment.
    · Recruiters are not likely to make you a top priority.
    · You won’t be able to tell who’s really working on the search and who’s not.
    · You can’t hold anyone accountable.

In addition, when candidate gets several calls from different recruiters:

  • They think it’s a fire sale.
  • They become worried about their confidentiality.
  • They get a confused from the mixed message they get about the opportunity.

Construction firms are encouraged to work exclusively with one recruiter because it not only shows confidence in the process, but you’ll also achieve a mutual commitment that will help you overcome the labor shortage and set you up for ongoing success in the industry.

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