Staying up to date on construction trends can improve your chance of success. The industry sees so many innovations that it can be hard to keep up! But it’s worth it when you are able to apply some of the newest changes to your team or your firm. From learning more about the causes and solutions of the skilled labor crisis to staying informed about construction salary trends, there are plenty of benefits to knowing the trends happening in our industry. Here are some of the top trends happening in commercial construction.

Safety Advances: Protecting Workers

Keeping workers safe, especially in the summer heat, is a critical aspect of working in construction. Rep. Judy Chu, a Democratic congresswoman from California, introduced a bill that would direct OSHA to create a standard for heat-related injuries and illnesses. The bill is named after a California farmworker who died of heatstroke in 2004. If passed, The Asuncion Valdivia Heat Illness and Fatality Prevention Act of 2019 will establish heat exposure limits and employer monitoring requirements; take into consideration NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) criteria; and mandate other measures to keep workers safe from heat-related injuries and illnesses. Some other guidelines to keep your workers safe during high-heat workday include providing sufficient water, rest and shade, and closely monitoring employees for signs of heat-related illness.

Innovative Building Processes: 3-D Printing

3D printing is gaining momentum in both residential and commercial construction. S-Squared released its Autonomous Robotic Construction System that can build everything from homes and commercial buildings to roads and bridges. Using 3D printing technology can significantly reduce both time and cost on some projects. It’s also considered to be safer and more eco-friendly than traditional construction. You can expect to see more construction careers that require candidates to be proficient with this technology.

Leak Detection Technology: Water Intelligence

Expensive water leaks continue to negatively impact building owners and construction companies. Whether it’s a leaking toilet, or another water distribution line, it can silently be costing you thousands of dollars at each of your construction sites. So, some owners are investing in leak detection technology to solve water-related waste problems. Water Intelligence is an up-and-coming trend that can help identify water waste at its source, pinpoint hidden leaks and discover any other inefficiencies. WINT units can now be installed in pipes throughout your construction project to transmit water usage data in real time to your smartphone.


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