There are several traits you want to keep in mind when looking for a new Healthcare Construction Manager.

To start, potential candidates will need to have completed basic education. This is a bachelor’s degree in areas such as nursing, health management, and health administration. Your candidate could also have a degree in business administration or public health administration.

In addition to the proper education, there are some character traits you will want to keep in mind.

Five Key Traits When Hiring for Healthcare Construction and Oil and Gas

You really need to look for someone capable of prioritizing and handling multiple tasks.

Oil and gas and healthcare construction industries all need a person capable of managing their healthcare construction projects and keeping everything in order.

An Excellent Communicator

You will need someone with superior communication skills. He or she needs to be confident and clear, without being abrasive. The right candidate also needs to be capable of building relationships between managers and workers of a wide variety of skill levels and get them to perform their tasks well. This helps everyone achieve common goals.

Can Delegate Jobs

The best construction managers can give the right tasks to the employees with the right skill sets to get them done. They will keep quality and efficiency in mind, working toward the common goal.

They work to ensure the proper supervisory and leadership roles are working well, so the job site runs smoothly. Great managers understand they won’t do this alone, so they work to keep everyone in their lane cruising along. They also assess the timeframe allotted for given projects and adjust accordingly. This is just as important in healthcare construction as it is in oil and gas.

Values Teamwork

The larger the project, the larger the team you will need to coordinate. Your project managers understand this and will select people that can work well together and get the job done. They will understand that specific tasks need attending by specific individuals or groups. So, they will work to keep their job site in collaboration. This boosts morale and creates a more positive, productive site.

Prioritizes the Right Jobs

Because construction is so complex and multi-faceted, specialized tradespeople need to collaborate on activities. Getting the order of importance for this understood and working with that priority in mind is a trait of a good project manager.

Problem Solver

With any project, problems or obstacles crop up. Your construction manager needs to be able to solve these problems and move along to the next task. Another key quality to an excellent project manager is the ability to predict possible problems and have an idea of how they would solve them before they come up.

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