It is no secret that the construction industry faces a skilled labor crisis. It is hard for construction companies to recruit skilled employees, and there are even challenges in recruiting unskilled employees who are able to learn the relevant hard skills.

But experts suggest that military vets may offer the solution to these issues with staffing in construction.

The Current Status of Military Vets Staffing in Construction

Recent figures show that of the construction workforce, just 7% includes military vets. This includes those from the Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Army. On top of that, 200,000 vets per year leave the military. While some of these vets may retire, others are looking for a new career.

By appealing to those vets, construction firms can expand their hiring pool.

Why Military Vets Are a Great Fit for Construction

In addition to the fact that hundreds of thousands of vets leave the military and look for a new job every year, this potential solution to staffing in construction comes from the fact that most vets have several traits that make them a good fit for construction—or any job.

They Are Trustworthy

Vets are generally trustworthy, as they will have had to pass background checks to be in the military.

They are also trustworthy in the sense of delivering on expectations. In other words, you can trust that they will show up on time and do the work asked of them.

They Prioritize Teamwork and Discipline

Military experience also means that vets understand the importance of both teamwork and discipline. This is crucial as these soft skills are harder to teach than the hard skills required for construction.

They Have Leadership Skills

It is also natural for those in the military to develop leadership skills, especially in high-stakes situations. In fact, 17.4% of veterans work in financial operations, business, or management. In the construction industry, those leadership skills mean that military vets will grow with your company and keep your projects on track.

They Are Good at Skill Transfer and Flexibility

Speaking of learning hard skills, that is not an issue for most military veterans. They commonly train in one area before being moved to another, making them adept at change and learning new things.

They are also flexible to the extent that they feel comfortable working in different environments. The construction industry requires this, as employees may have to move around between projects.

They Accept Constructive Criticism

Part of the ability to learn new skills quickly comes from the fact that veterans are excellent at accepting constructive criticism. This was a key part of their military training.

They Have Advanced Tech Training

While veterans may not have the exact construction skills you need, they will have experience with advanced technology. That’s a natural result of the military always being at the forefront of technical innovation.

Given these traits that most military personnel have developed or naturally have, veterans could solve the difficulties in staffing that many construction firms face.

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