There are several advantages to working with professional construction recruiters. Since the industry is still rebounding from a significant skilled labor crisis, those high-demand candidates can be difficult to find. The construction industry is all about meeting important deadlines, but without the right team members in place, it can become very challenging to meet those expectations. Construction companies that partner with a recruiters are able to meet their deadlines more often than not because they gain access to a vast database of contractors and highly specialized construction talent that are ready to make a leap for the right opportunity. Yet, it’s important to remember that the most reputable construction recruiting firms won’t work with just any company. Here are some of the most common reasons why a recruiting firm might pause when considering a new client and how you can avoid falling into these habits.

Construction Companies That Don’t Know What They Want

Recruiters want to hit the ground running when they partner with a company. If you don’t know what you want in a candidate including the type of qualifications needed for the role, then it will only delay the process. Approach the relationship with confidence and a sense of decisiveness around what skills and traits you want in a candidate.

And trust your recruiter’s professional feedback. An experienced, reputable construction recruiter know’s the difference between slick looking resumes that tend to overcompensate for lack-of experience, and those candidates who have great experience yet have an underwhelming resume. Simply put, you are working with the wrong recruiter if they can’t articulate the potential fit of a candidate for your position, much better than a resume can.

Inefficient Hiring Processes

An overly hasty hiring process can result in landing poorly vetted candidates. Yet, it’s often more detrimental for companies to have extremely slow procedures that leave candidate’s hanging on a line. This will cause many of the top candidates to be snapped up by other opportunities. Instead, organizations should work closely with their construction recruiter to streamline their hiring process so they can get the construction talent they need in a realistic window of time.

Clients Who Work With Multiple Recruiters

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is dealing with companies who think that working with multiple recruiters going to help their hiring process. Clients companies that feel they need to work this way, often end up with inexperienced recruiters or recruiters that are not going to make them a priority. Clients companies who partner with several recruiters are only confusing their potential candidates by having their jobs posted multiple times. It could also lead to multiple recruiters sending mixed messages out to the same potential candidates by email, phone, etc. The best search professionals should be able to articulate a very understandable search process. They should be able to explain how they are going to target every potential candidate in their marketplace and how they will present your exciting opportunity to all of them. The presentation should include the most compelling reasons why your firm is great place to be a part of. So, it’s highly recommended to work with one very successful construction recruiter rather than using multiple recruiters.

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