One of the most common mistakes employers make is that they automatically assume that all recruiters are the same. Although recruiters can share some similarities regarding how they’ll represent their clients, if you want to find the most talented construction leadership, then you should be focusing more effort on properly vetting your recruiter to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Here’s a list of questions to consider when researching recruiters.

Questions to Ask a Construction Recruiter

  • Who are they? Visit their website to learn more about their respective mission, values, and other services they provide. Some recruiters might only specialize in working with small, residential construction companies versus larger, commercial construction firms. Once you confirm that they do work with the type of clients similar to your firm, then it’s time to establish a personal connection with them. It’s important that you are working with someone you feel comfortable with.
  • What are they doing in the industry? Research what employers they’re currently working with, and whether they’ve recently placed any candidates on noteworthy projects.
  • Are they considered a market master? Some of the most renowned recruiting agencies are steeped in industry experience. Market master are frequently featured in the news, and they have often been published by trade organizations and magazines., Some may have authored books or given talks on industry topics. Market masters talk to 10-20 people per day in the industry and maintain a big picture view of what’s going on in that industry. They can consult at a higher level, rather than just focus on a singular hire. These recruiters understand business and can provide you with invaluable industry insight and knowledge. They can often help companies with growth strategies, division expansion, and counsel on what’s in demand in the marketplace.
  • How long have they worked in the construction recruiting industry? Tenure isn’t always a black or white issue. Don’t overlook up-and-coming recruiters who are looking to make a name for themselves in the industry because focusing on you could be their main priority. The potential downfall of working with a seasoned veteran is that they can be spread very thin working with too many clients. But, it’s recommended to opt for tenured recruiters if you’re looking for more industry knowledge and guidance on growth strategies. The point is to dig a little deeper and get a feel for who you will be working with on your critical hiring issues.

Due to an ongoing labor shortage, the talent market remains extremely competitive. Companies are doing what they can to keep their best managers engaged. The majority of active job seekers are either unemployed or miserable working for their current company. In most cases, these candidates do not come close to representing the top talent in the industry. Construction firms are encouraged to partner with a construction market master to land the best talent because closing candidates in this market is very challenging. If you’d like to speak to a recruiter about a recruiting strategy in commercial construction, reach out to Brian Binke directly.

A market master should be able to articulate a process on how they they’re able to identify every qualified candidate in your marketplace. They should also be able to explain the process they use to reach out to each and every one of them with a the most powerful presentation possible, on why a career with your company can be better for them than where they are today. A market master should also be able to show you how they are going to give you the best chance that the star you want to hire will say yes to your offer, resign from their present company, say no to counteroffers and most importantly, show up on their start date. Bottom line, unless they show up, the entire process was a waste of time.

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