Landing the best candidates for your commercial construction jobs should always be a main priority. But, in order to experience long-term success in any industry, you also need to keep those candidates motivated and inspired by providing them with good leadership. Whether it’s on the construction site or in the office, good leadership is key. If you want to establish superior construction leadership for your team, then there are several useful tips to keep in mind.

1. Set Goals

Set goals that are achievable yet challenging. Initiate overall goals for your entire team, and for each individual employee. These goals should have clear beginning and ending points and align closely with the mission of the organization. Don’t hesitate to reinforce the goals by rewarding those dedicated team members with “employee of the month” recognition, bonuses, gift cards, and weekend trips.

2. Don’t Micromanage

This should be a no-brainer since I don’t know of anyone who actually likes to be micromanaged. It may be a difficult habit for some to break, but you’ll find that your team is much more productive if you eliminate it from your leadership strategy. Providing space and autonomy will help increase motivation, worker confidence and production. If you micromanage your team, you will see higher turnover rates.

3. Be Part of the Team

Show that you are part of the team by rolling up your sleeves to do the work instead of just barking out orders. Employees are more likely to be inspired by leaders who take a “hands-on” approach and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Being a part of the team will help you establish an emotional connection with your employees.

4. Be Positive

A positive work environment should go further than just being optimistic about the future. It should also encourage employees to excel in their respective roles as well as promote favorable outcomes. Use encouragement and positive feedback to inspire your team.

5. Think of the Big Picture

Have a vision for your team and express it in clear language so that people will truly understand what part they play. This helps to get everyone on the same page and working toward unified goals. Get “buy-in” from your team. Give them the underlying purpose behind any given project.

6. Evaluate Your Leadership Style

Whether it is at a wastewater construction site, or even at a multifamily construction location, it’s important to have the right leadership style to motivate and inspire your team. Construct-Ed recently highlighted three types of leadership styles that can have a positive effect on a construction site.

  • Pacesetting Leadership
    Pacesetters do just that, they set the pace for their groups and teams that they are leading. A leader on a construction site who is a pacesetter will establish the standards and exhibit the behaviors that they want to see and expect from their teams.
  • Coaching Leadership
    Coaches build their teams and the individuals on those teams. They focus on the long-term growth for members of their teams and look for opportunities to teach new skills and knowledge. They understand that long-term future success comes from building the knowledge, skills and abilities of their team members now.
  • Servant Leadership
    Servant leaders look for opportunities to meet the needs of their team members. They look to remove impediments to allow for greater opportunities for success. These leaders choose to give the credit to the team and take satisfaction in seeing the overall team win and achieve their goals.

It may be helpful to reflect upon your natural leadership style to see where you are succeeding as a leader and where you may need some improvement. It’s not uncommon to have multiple leadership styles integrated into a single strategy. Whatever your style is, be sure to have a vision and goals, refrain from micromanagement, and be a positive part of the team to help motivate and inspire your employees.

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