There are many ways to increase your company’s bottom line – including lowering expenses and maximizing output. But how can you optimize productivity through your ingrained corporate culture? How can you make a culture of productivity part of the overall mindset of your company that benefits everyone? Here are some tangible solutions based on my experience.

Understand Everyone’s Goals

Good leaders talk to their employees about their goals. Business simply cannot be all about the company; the relationship is a two-way street. Understanding your employees’ goals will help you better understand how to motivate them. They will be more motivated based on their goals and aspirations than simply focusing on the company’s goals.

An Open Culture

Having an open culture sets the tone for how available you are to your employees. It means that they can come in and talk about whatever is on their minds. It also means that it’s not frowned upon to bring up unorthodox solutions to problems.

Goals and Rewards

Consider having a compensation structure based on how much money a team member made or saved the company. Having different levels of goals and rewards that are attainable for everyone will improve morale and motivation for your team.
Here are some bonus ideas:

  • Plan fun events
  • Give massage certificates
  • Have food trucks on site
  • Plan weekend trips
  • Pay for education for employees or their kids

The overall concept is to treat people right and find ways to give back to your employees for what they have given to you.

The Larger Vision

It’s important for everyone to know the company’s mission so they can be in alignment with that vision. There should be a clear organizational chart so people can see how they could move up in the company. It improves motivation when employees can envision their own future, especially within the context of the company’s future.

Community Involvement

Employees feel more engaged and productive when they have an impact on improving humanity in some way. The company could choose an organization to volunteer for on a regular basis and those organizations could change monthly or quarterly. It’s helpful if everyone on the team has input on the volunteer recipients. Find ways to give back to the community and this will improve the morale of the team as well as the company.

Improving productivity within the culture of your company involves good communication, understanding everyone’s goals, having an open culture, and rewarding people for their accomplishments. It’s also helpful to get everyone on the same page with the larger vision, and come together to give back to the community. All of these are simple ways to establish a corporate culture improves productivity for your company.

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