From the excellent pay and benefits to great job security, construction jobs can be very fulfilling for a number of legitimate reasons. But, similar to any other industry, construction careers can become hampered by a toxic workplaces too. If you are concerned that you might be in a toxic workplace, then there are several telltale signs to look for.

1. Yelling & screaming from your manager.

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a manager providing workers with constructive criticism, good construction leadership doesn’t typically resort to such aggressive tactics, like yelling or screaming at their employees. Not only is it unprofessional, but it’s also one of the most common red flags of a toxic workplace.

2. No feedback or only bad feedback.

Poor construction leadership only provides workers with negative feedback, and in many instances, no feedback at all. Failure will be inevitable due to the lack of communication because employees to know how they are performing on a regular basis in order to achieve their goals. Another indicator of a toxic work environment is a manager that takes the credit for your completed work.

3. The company is not paying their bills on time.

If a company is paying late or not paying their subcontractors at all – that’s a bad sign. A company that is unable to pay its bills on time will gain a bad reputation. Subcontractors will eventually refuse to work with them forcing their employees to take on more tasks. It could also mean that the company is strapped for cash and its employees won’t get paid on time either.

4. The company is cutting corners when it comes to safety measures.

Beware of any organization that doesn’t consider the safety concerns of their employees as a major priority. Even though completing a project by the deadline is also important, you should never be instructed to overlook your personal safety to do so.

5. Everyone seems miserable.

If an organization is suffering from poor morale, then a majority of its employees will lack enthusiasm and motivation. Regardless of the mood that you’re in, poor morale in the workplace can be contagious, and spread rapidly throughout any business. Avoid companies that suffer from consistent high turnover rates because employees aren’t happy there.

6. Leaders not doing what they say they will do.

When leadership is not true to their word or true to the company’s policies, then you can bet that things are going south. Good construction leadership will earn your trust by following company policy and being accountable.

7. Not getting promoted or getting a bonus when you reach your goals.

A toxic workplace will thrive on telling employees that they are fortunate just to have a job there. An employer should always be transparent regarding your performance and bonus potential.

Since there is a labor shortage in the construction industry, you don’t have to feel trapped in a toxic workplace. There are plenty of opportunities available for skilled candidates to find better working environments.


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