Many private employers, including those in the construction industry, have recognized the immense value of hiring and retaining veterans. Veterans bring a unique set of skills to the workplace, including mental fortitude, flexibility, leadership, teamwork, professionalism, and discipline. These skills are not only in high demand but are also pivotal for success in the private sector.

For construction leaders, effectively recruiting and retaining military talent can be a game-changer.


Effective Recruiting Approaches

  1. Veteran-Specific Opportunities: Many companies have committed to hiring veterans by offering specific opportunities or outreach programs. Some set targets for hiring a certain number of veterans within a timeframe.
  2. Knowledgeable Recruitment Teams: Companies often have dedicated teams, sometimes led by an executive, focusing on recruiting veterans. These teams understand military roles and can translate them into private sector skills, identifying positions suited for veterans.
  3. Training HR Representatives: It’s essential for HR professionals to understand how to translate military jobs into private sector roles. Programs like the SHRM Foundation’s certificate course offer valuable insights for recruiting, onboarding, and retaining veterans.
  4. Tailoring Job Descriptions: Identify positions well-suited for military talent and tailor job descriptions to highlight that relevant military experience is valued and applicable.


Retention Initiatives

Retaining military talent requires understanding the unique challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian work environments.

  1. Promotion and Career Path Transparency: Unlike the military, the private sector often lacks clear career development guidance. To retain veterans, companies should provide clear information on career progression, including training, resources, and personnel for discussing career paths and opportunities.
  2. Establishing Mentorship Programs: Pairing new veteran hires with senior employees can significantly ease their transition. These mentors can assist with cultural assimilation, professional networking, and career progression.
  3. Forming Affinity Groups: Veteran-focused groups provide a sense of community and connection, helping veterans transition smoothly and maintain a link to their military service. Publicizing these groups can enhance a company’s reputation as military-friendly, attracting both new talent and business.


A Strategic Approach to Military Talent & Hiring Veterans

The strategies outlined above represent a comprehensive approach to tapping into the rich pool of military talent. By creating an environment that recognizes and leverages the unique skills veterans bring, construction companies can not only enrich their workforce but also enhance their project execution and overall business performance.

In harnessing the potential of military talent, construction leaders can set a new standard for excellence and resilience in their industry. Contact us to help you hire in the construction industry.