Your resume is your foot in the door to your dream job, whether you want a construction career or land a job in another industry. Whether you need to impress a construction recruiter or a hiring manager, you want to ensure your resume delivers the right first impression. Make your resume more appealing by excising things that they do not necessarily need to know. That includes avoiding the following items on your resume.

Avoid Putting Too Much Information on Your Resume

Avoid the temptation to include everything that may be relevant on your resume. There is such a thing as too much information. This is especially true when you consider that construction recruiting teams look at hundreds of resumes daily. Instead, stick to the essential information. Then, expand on other relevant details in your interview.

Avoid Including Employment Gaps on Your Resume

While you don’t want to include too much information on your resume, there are some times when you should add information. One of these is in the case of an employment gap. The best way to handle this is to find a professionally relevant activity during your employment gap. For example, you could attend a workshop and include it on your resume.

Avoid Including a Wall of Text in Your Resume

As you craft, your resume, avoid creating a solid wall of text. This will make it much harder for a construction recruiter to read it. They are more likely to skim your resume or even skip it altogether. To avoid this issue, integrate bullet points.

Avoid Things Automated Systems Can’t Read

Stick to basic methods like bullet points to break up your text in your resume. Remember that many companies rely on automated software to check resumes for keywords. If they can’t read an image or chart in your resume, it is pointless to include it.

Avoid Including Extra Personal Information

Some personal information is necessary on your resume. For example, you need to include your job experience and relevant certifications. However, don’t go overboard. You should not have your family situation, political leanings, or religious beliefs in your resume. The only exception is if they are directly relevant to the role.

Similarly, don’t include your age. This can lead to unconscious bias from the recruiter. They may assume a lack of experience if you are too young. Or they may think you aren’t good with technology or will retire soon if you are too old.

This also extends to a photograph. You should not include a photo on your resume due to the risk of unconscious bias.

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