12/27/2017: Brian Binke Featured in Construction Today

Settling for mediocre talent could be sabotaging your construction company’s success and shaving thousands of dollars off your bottom line. Since there is an ongoing labor shortage to fill construction jobs, some companies are attempting to resolve the issue by hiring subpar workers. Although it might seem like convenient, short-term solution, it’s a costly mistake that will only hurt your bottom line in the long run.

The Cost of Mediocre Talent

Settling for mediocre talent costs potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to your bottom line. Employing mediocre talent will increase your company’s turnover rate. In turn, you’ll be paying a high price to replace employees through an increased frequency of new hires and new hire training. You’ll also have to contend with unfinished work and partially finished projects. Some additional drawbacks:

  • Completed projects will be lower quality.
  • Inferior talent commits more mistakes, driving up costs.
  • Subpar workers don’t save the company money.
  • Mediocre leaders don’t take a big picture view.
  • The value of your brand will likely suffer.

Developing a Winning Philosophy

Establishing a winning philosophy in the commercial construction industry often requires thinking outside of the box. Construction companies are a lot like sports teams – the teams with the best players win. Companies can succeed as long as they have these things in place:

  • Leadership
  • A good vision
  • Capital
  • The right people to execute the vision

If you want to take your construction company to the next level, then you’ll need to hire top candidates.