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Should You Bring More Variety to Your Construction Projects?

While some construction companies manage to endure by specializing in a niche, others benefit from having more diversity. Adding more variety to your construction projects can help you keep up with changing demands and reach a larger construction customer base. There’s a Nationwide Labor Shortage The construction industry is experiencing a continued [...]

By | 2018-12-10T16:31:10-04:00 December 13th, 2018|Construction Blog|

Salary Ranges for Superintendent III and IV/General Superintendent

In commercial construction there is a huge amount of growth potential for professionals who are productive and diligent. The construction industry is an exciting place to work for its variety of projects and possibility to succeed. Professionals can advance to earn over 6 figures. If they put in the time and effort, [...]

By | 2018-12-10T16:16:52-04:00 December 11th, 2018|Construction Blog|

9 Must-Follow LinkedIn Pages for the Commercial Construction Industry

Whether you’re a candidate searching for construction careers, or a company owner in the industry, there are several reasons why you should already be using LinkedIn to bolster your professional network. Many of the top companies in the commercial construction industry use LinkedIn to connect with construction professionals and highlight their current [...]

By | 2018-12-03T17:00:28-04:00 December 6th, 2018|Construction Blog|

Automation in Construction Won’t Eliminate the Need for Humans in the Workforce

Equipment and computer software are advancing to the point where automation in the construction industry is starting to make people worry about the future of their jobs. Automation in construction hasn’t occurred as quickly as it has in other industries, but more automation is beginning to emerge. Fortunately, while automation can increase [...]

By | 2018-12-03T16:39:10-04:00 December 4th, 2018|Construction Blog|

11 Questions to Help You Have a Better Interview with Candidates

Interviews can be challenging. Sometimes questions get skipped, then afterward you’re left wondering what you really know about the candidate. How do you get a real feel for their personality and emotional intelligence? It can also be difficult for interviewers to avoid simply following their own gut instincts and subjective impressions when [...]

By | 2018-11-26T16:54:50-04:00 November 29th, 2018|Construction Blog|

Common Myths About Recruiting: Busted

If you’re not already working with a construction recruiter, then it may be partly a result of hearing common myths about recruiting. Although all recruiters aren’t created equally, when you partner with a market master, the advantages will be remarkable. Here we’ll shed some light on some of the most common myths [...]

By | 2018-11-26T15:09:04-04:00 November 27th, 2018|Construction Blog|

6 Common Signs You Need Help with Your Hiring Process

One of the smartest decisions a construction firm leader can make is to partner with a market master construction recruiter. Yet, some in the construction industry still assume that they can handle all of the hiring on their own. This can prove to be a costly mistake that results in poor hires [...]

By | 2018-11-19T12:58:49-04:00 November 22nd, 2018|Construction Blog|

Salary Ranges for Commercial Construction Superintendents

In commercial construction there is a nearly unlimited growth potential for those who are diligent and productive. Now more than ever, the construction industry is an exciting place to work. Over time, professionals can be working for a firm making over 6 figures. If they put in the time and effort, construction [...]

By | 2018-11-19T12:24:19-04:00 November 20th, 2018|Construction Blog|

Is Your Construction Recruiter Playing Checkers or Chess?

You want a construction recruiter who can strategize, plan ahead, and give you a competitive edge in the construction market. Most recruiters play checkers, but market master recruiters play chess. How can you tell the difference and hire the right construction recruiter? Checkers In checkers, the player thinks one move at a [...]

By | 2018-11-13T12:35:43-04:00 November 15th, 2018|Construction Blog|

What Sets Apart a Great Culture from the Average Workplace?

It takes a great deal of initiative and self-awareness to create a positive work culture. Most successful construction professionals are not looking for an average work environment. Successful construction professionals are looking for a work environment that will bring them satisfaction and keep them excited about coming to work each day. Work [...]

By | 2018-11-13T12:11:30-04:00 November 13th, 2018|Construction Blog|

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