It is no secret that the search for construction talent is a red-hot market. The skilled labor shortage has made the market highly competitive from the standpoint of employers. One of the biggest assets construction companies can use to help them find the best talent is construction recruiters.

Construction Recruiters Gather Data for Years

One of the most useful things about recruiters is that they have information on applicants from years past. They tend to see the same construction applicants repeatedly. This gives the recruiters time to get to know the applicants, including their skills.

This knowledge helps them find the perfect fit for a construction position. That, in turn, helps the employer with retention and the employee via their job satisfaction.

They Constantly Recruit

Part of the reason that construction recruiters have so much applicant information comes from the fact that they are constantly recruiting. They have continuously searched for construction applicants, even before the labor shortage.

This includes the search for skilled specialties. For example, they place ads for roles like masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and sheet metal workers.

They Offer Flexibility in Hiring

That long list of potential construction employees also gives you flexibility when it comes to hiring. Essentially, recruiters can help you fill both short-term and long-term roles. Most construction companies will opt for a permanent contract if they need a worker for at least 12 months. If they need the worker for less than this, a temporary contract is more likely.

What Else Companies Need to Do

While construction recruiters are one asset in the red-hot construction market, they aren’t the only ones. You also want to keep the following in mind as you look for talent:

  • Adapt to the rising construction wages.
  • Invest in employment sourcing, advertising, and branding.
  • Invest in employee engagement to boost retention.
  • Provide opportunities for upward mobility within the company.
  • Teach employees relevant construction skills, whether they are necessary for the current job or for future positions.

Recruiters Are Also an Asset for Construction Workers

Recruiters are not only a crucial asset for construction companies. They are also essential for those in search of a construction role. They can:

  • Let qualified applicants go to the top of the pile instead of being one among hundreds of resumes
  • Help applicants find a role that will fit into their career goals
  • Provide insight into the construction market and what that means for an applicant’s future jobs
  • Give applicants access to job openings that don’t appear in public
  • Prepare applicants for an interview


With the current red-hot labor market in construction, companies need to use all of the tools they can to recruit and maintain top talent. Recruiters are an excellent resource. They have access to a wider pool of candidates. They also benefit both your company and the applicants, helping attract top talent.

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