Whether you are thinking of a career in construction or are a recruiter in search of a construction superintendent, understanding why people in this role like their job is crucial. Those considering this career can use that knowledge to consider a path toward becoming a superintendent. Those recruiting for the role can use that information to attract talent by highlighting the benefits of the career.

Remember that every construction superintendent will have slightly different reasons for choosing their job and liking it. That being said, the following are some of the most common reasons.

They Like Working With Their Hands

As with most other roles in construction, many construction superintendents are attracted to the job because they like working with their hands. They appreciate getting their hands dirty and seeing the physical results of their hard work.

They Like Working With Other Trades

Many superintendents appreciate the ability to work with people from a wide range of trades. This gives them insight into various trades and always offers opportunities to learn and expand their skills.

They Like the Outdoors

It is also common for construction superintendents to love the fact that they spend a lot of time outside during work. At the same time, there is enough time spent inside to give them a break.

To take this a step further, many love seeing the transformation from an empty or derelict outdoor space to a building that they helped create. That combines with the first point of working with their hands and seeing the progress.

They Like Putting Their Education to Good Use

While not all superintendents have college degrees, those who do appreciate their ability to use their knowledge from that degree. For example, some may have studied engineering and incorporated that education into their decisions and leadership.

They Like That a Degree Is Not Required

As mentioned, not all construction superintendents have college degrees. Many candidates are drawn to the position because of the ability to work their way up and gain the necessary skills on the job site without the cost and hassle of prior education.

They Like Traveling

Working in construction, including as a superintendent, offers the opportunity to travel or move around frequently if you wish. Some people like to take advantage of this and stay in a new city every few years.

At the same time, those who prefer to settle down in one location aren’t restricted in their careers.

They Like Leadership Roles

Most people in this job also prefer to be in leadership positions and put their leadership skills to good use as superintendents. They like the responsibility of making sure reports and parts of the project is completed on time. They like being involved in the planning process of the project and conducting meetings.

Overall, there are lots of reasons for superintendents to love their jobs.

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