The low unemployment rates in construction are good for workers but challenging for companies. Hiring managers find themselves facing an increasingly challenging task of attracting and retaining talent.

Experts predict continued challenges in hiring across all construction roles and levels. But being aware of industry hiring trends can help companies overcome those obstacles. Luckily, recruiters reveal hiring trends that can be put to good use.

Construction Workers Want Higher Pay and More Benefits

One of the most important hiring trends is the increase in wages. Year after year, figures show that compensation in the construction industry is increasing. You need to offer competitive salaries to recruit or retain your team.

Pay attention to what competitors offer, both in terms of pay and benefits. Then, follow their best practices. Even better, offer more competitive compensation packages than them.

Workers Want More Flexibility with Work Hours

Traditionally, people across most industries worked from nine to five. But this has changed, and now many workers want more flexibility. They prefer to choose their own working hours or even to work part-time. As more construction roles require technology and computer work, working from home is also an important factor in employee retention.

This type of flexibility is not possible for all construction roles, but for some, it is quite possible. This is especially true with the integration of technology.

While workers physically engaged in construction have to be on-site, many observational roles can be done remotely with the help of drones. For those with roles behind the scenes, such as design, their tasks can be done from home and at their convenient time.

Companies Are Hiring Virtually

The preference for flexibility extends to the hiring process. Recruiters reveal hiring trends in a shift to online hiring. In the case of remote roles, most or all of the interview process can be done online. For other roles, the process can begin online and simply require face-to-face interviews in the final stage.

This adds flexibility for workers and makes it easier to attend interviews. It also streamlines the interview process for you as the construction company. Online recruitment can even reduce the overhead costs of hiring, as there’s no need to reserve, light up, and heat a meeting room.

Recruiters Help with Diversity

Most companies are increasingly aware of the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). But many don’t know how to go about hiring with this principle in mind. Current hiring trends of recruiters empower construction companies to widen their talent pool by opening up their opportunities to individuals with diverse backgrounds. This pushes companies to overcome their own unconscious biases.


Examining the hiring trends in construction can help you stand out from the competition and recruit more talent. Take note that workers want better compensation and more work versatility nowadays. You can work with a recruiter to streamline the hiring process.

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