Construction employers have to stay on top of the industry trends. After all, these trends help determine how many new employees you need to hire, as well as the skills to look for. Explore some of the construction trends employers should know about to make informed hiring decisions.

The Pandemic’s Effect on Manufacturing

On a wider level, construction is part of the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry as a whole, including construction, saw a decrease due to the pandemic. But recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that it is recovering.

Despite this, there is still high unemployment. Specifically, the manufacturing industry’s unemployment rate was 3.2% in February 2022. This included more job openings compared to earlier in the year.

There Are Still Disruptions

While things are slowly returning to normal, there are still disruptions to the construction industry. Many of these disruptions come from the supply chain, which is still recovering.

In terms of hiring, this means that construction employers must have talent that can strategize to overcome supply chain disruptions.

Importance of Flexibility and Safety

Two of the most important construction trends employers should know about are safety and flexibility for the workforce. Following the pandemic, construction workers want more flexibility in their roles. If a role can be done remotely, they want the option to work from home. If it has to be done in person, they want flexibility in terms of hours.

Safety is a crucial concern, especially related to the pandemic. Most notably, construction employees want allowances for social distancing. Of course, this is in addition to all of the other safety concerns that come from working on an active construction site.

Closing the Generational Skills Gap

One of the biggest issues in construction hiring is the skilled labor shortage. Part of this is because of the skills gap across generations. This is especially concerning as more skilled construction workers retire and fewer people from younger generations take their place.

Construction employers and recruiters must overcome this by highlighting the benefits of a role in construction. Showcasing that this is a thriving career path can help improve interest. Savvy employers will also provide training to bridge the skills gap.

Increased Reliance on Data

While employees are still crucial, construction employers also need to be familiar with the increased reliance on tech, including data. Savvy construction companies are investing in data-driven tools and tech.

Importantly, a significant amount of that data comes from frontline workers. As such, construction employers need to look for talent that is comfortable using technology to accurately gather data. That data lets the company make informed business decisions.


By staying aware of construction trends, employers will have a better idea of what jobs need to be filled and what skills to look for. They can then pass this information on to their recruiter.

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