When we mention the commercial construction industry, most people tend to think primarily of roles such as project manager, estimator, or superintendent. Although these positions are still in demand and rewarding, there are also a growing number of innovative tech positions emerging across the industry that construction recruiters have started hiring for. Below we’ll cover the emerging tech roles in commercial construction and the in-demand skills needed to fill them.

The new role in demand is chief innovation officer. Some bigger contractors already have chief innovation officers on their payroll, but smaller firms are starting to advertise for these positions too. Whether firms hire for this specific role or not, more firms will be looking for candidates with tech skills along with other leadership and management skills. Candidates with a combination of computational knowledge, construction principles and project management will be in the highest demand. Some of the following tech skills are growing in demand.

3D Printing

Experts are predicting the use of 3D printing to grow significantly over the next five years as construction firms look for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs. Likewise, new construction jobs will include operating 3D construction printers that are capable of producing 60-foot long concrete slabs in under a minute.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling and e-Construction are also growing in popularity as construction leaders leverage these tools to make designing more efficient while discovering constructibility issues much sooner. But the key advantage is how this tech can help commercial construction estimators provide more accurate predictions of what certain projects in certain locations may cost.

Blockchain Technology

Experts are expecting this to be a $3 billion dollar industry by 2025. Construction firms need employees who know how to use blockchain technology because it can improve transparency in projects and scheduling and supply requirements.


From improving safety issues to waste management, there are a variety of IoT applications in construction. Business owners are investing in wearables for their employees so they can track movements and improve deadline estimates. Companies are installing sensors around jobsites to ensure safety. Sensors are also showing promise for predictive maintenance of heavy equipment. Hiring managers are looking for team leaders that know how to instruct employees remotely using Google Glass and other similar tools.

A challenge faced by hiring managers right now is that they must compete with major tech companies to land data-oriented coders and other similar professionals for their construction roles. As construction recruiters, we are equipped to overcome this specific skilled labor shortage by staying on the leading edge of change and using our expanding network of passive candidates. Construction firms should up their game by offering great benefits such as tuition assistance for tech-minded professionals who want to develop these skills.

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