Every encounter with your construction firm’s culture influences the candidate’s perception of your organization. If you want to make a positive impact on a candidate, highlight your company’s culture during the interview process. To make your firm’s story compelling, you’ll need a clear strategy and make a concerted effort to get your message across to candidates. Here’s how to highlight your firm’s culture in the interview process.

Go Mobile

Candidates who are open to a job change don’t wait until they return home from work to job hunt. They search for job opportunities throughout the day on their phones. The more mobile-friendly your website is, the better. You need a mobile-optimized career portal if you want to attract and impress top talent.

Use Video to Tell a Compelling Story

The use of video personalizes the candidate’s experience during the hiring process. Try showcasing videos of your employees talking about why they love their job and why they love working for the firm. You can also use video communication to share customer testimonials. Another idea is to have “Why Your Firm” videos on your firm’s website.

Cultural Ambassadors

When a candidate asks, “why your firm?” – do you have a clear understanding of how your current employees would respond? Candidates are going to interact with other employees when they come in for an interview and during the broader hiring process. For this reason, it is a great idea to provide your employees with an example of a strong and succinct elevator pitch to be used in both social settings and during the interview process. You have to educate your employees about the values, goals, and expectation of the company. Give current employees the chance to be cultural ambassadors so they can sell the culture of the company to prospective candidates.

Clear Communication

Finally, you want to evaluate the lines of communication between candidates and your hiring team. You want to be clear about your hiring process and give candidates accurate expectations; don’t leave them in the dark. Give them a clear agenda and let them know what to expect throughout the whole process. Let them know what to expect during the interview, so they have time to prepare. We also recommend to provide candidates with an “About Us” packet prior to the interview that highlights the history of the company, the company’s plans for growth, and employee success stories.

Your company culture can make all the difference when candidates are interviewing with your firm. If you want to increase your odds of landing the right candidate, sell your firm’s culture during the interview and hiring process. To share a compelling story, make sure you website is mobile-friendly, incorporate videos, use clear communication, and train key employees to become cultural ambassadors.


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