There are a lot of changes happening in hiring right now in the hot labor market. Offers are being customized instead of giving general packages, hires are happening at record speeds, and interviews are happening online or outside the boardroom.

What does all this mean for your construction company?

Amongst all this change, we see the best leaders adapting and capitalizing on these emerging trends. However, some leaders will hesitate to try something different unless they are entirely sure it will yield results. This indecision leads to fewer chances to get the best candidates.

Be More Strategic with Hiring

When was the last time you watched a chess game?

If you were fortunate, you might have observed two unevenly matched players attempt to take the win on the board. One player moves the pieces strategically, calculating moves and potential responses six, seven or eight turns ahead. The poor player goes for the immediate win, capturing pieces on the fly.

The strategic player will win every time.

Similarly, the best companies are thinking ahead when it comes to hiring. This type of long-term thinking allows them to create long-range opportunities. A poor player or company is reactive, responding only when they must. Top companies don’t wait to make important decisions.

Hiring the Best Candidate Requires Leverage

The best leaders know that top candidates have a lot of options. This type of leader has an advantage because of their willingness to be open and play for strategic positioning by calculating multiple moves and personalizing their offer. In contrast, the leader who wants to hire the same old way risks losing out on great talent.

The candidate you need may already have a job. Interviewing passive candidates puts you in a position of having options that you might not otherwise have had. At the very least, you’ll expand your network, which can only add to your strategic acumen.

Leaders are missing out if they refuse to interview a passive candidate. The possibility for a passive candidate to join your organization is pretty good if you offer a competitive salary and good benefits – including a large dose of opportunity, trust, rapport and respect. The passive candidate must be able to see that your offer is clearly better.

You may be thinking, “What is my chance of securing that kind of talent?”

You must leverage your knowledge of the candidate, understanding of industry trends, and the best parts of your company culture to attract talents of the highest caliber. Better yet, you can use a recruiter and take advantage of their deep relationships with candidates and your company to win the best talent.

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