As COVID-19 spreads across the country, construction companies are doing their part to contribute to the response. Health professionals need all of the assistance they can get during these difficult times. From manufacturing ventilators to addressing hospital capacity shortages, here are some of the ways construction companies are helping combat the COVID-19 crisis.

Helping Manufacturers

As health professionals work hard on the frontlines to fight the spread of the coronavirus, one of the things they need the most is more ventilators. Construction firms are repurposing factories, working with companies such as General Motors, to give them the ability to manufacture ventilators and other in-demand medical equipment. Without this equipment, hospitals cannot effectively treat patients.

Delivering N95 Masks

Many construction firms have donated boxes of N95 masks to local hospitals and medical centers. During the pandemic, the doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals who treat COVID-19 patients need these masks more so they can keep themselves safe as they interact with patients. The well-being of the healthcare workforce is essential to fighting this virus and minimizing casualties.

Alternate Care Facilities

Construction companies in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers are also contributing by building temporary care facilities. In cities throughout the United States, hospitals lack the capacity to accommodate the increased number of incoming patients as a result of COVID-19. Construction professionals are helping to convert hotels, school dormitories, and convention centers such as McCormick Place in Chicago to alternate treatment facilities. Some of the large makeshift hospitals will have the capacity to treat thousands of additional patients.

Assisting Food Banks

In addition to assisting with the healthcare side of the coronavirus response, construction companies are also helping address the needs of their communities. For example, some companies are working on greenhouse projects, which allow communities to provide produce to food banks. Many food banks have seen demand for their services increase during the COVID-19 outbreak, so the work that these charitable organizations performs is more important than ever before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of society to its core as all of us try to cope with a healthcare crisis that is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Considered essential workers, construction leaders are working hard to contribute to the coronavirus response by building temporary treatment facilities, helping manufacturers make critical medical equipment, supplying personal protective equipment, and assisting communities with important services like food banks, and more.


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