The overall reputation of your firm is based on its primary and employer brand. Although primary branding usually gets the most marketing dollars to sell products, services, etc., today we’re going to focus more on promoting a positive employer brand. If your firm is known as a great place to work, then it’s easier to recruit talent for construction jobs. Let’s review some ways to improve your firm’s brand.

Tell a Positive Story

From slideshows to high-quality videos, there are a variety of innovative ways to highlight what working for you is like along with the diversity of your company. Construction leadership is encouraged to get involved by providing a welcome statement that shares your mission and company history. Interviewing loyal staff members about their workplace experiences can be an effective way to spread positive attention to your brand.

Design a Strong EVP

Having an exceptional employer value proposition is an important branding tool because it not only helps to attract new talent, it also helps to motivate and retain existing employees. Here are some things to highlight when creating your message:

  • Compensation
  • Values/culture
  • Development opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Job security
  • Diversity

Consider partnering with a copywriter or another marketing specialist to hone a message that speaks directly to your target candidates.

Leverage Online Services

Candidates access company pages on LinkedIn when they want to learn details about organizations with job opportunities. While other firms might have outdated, ineffective job descriptions, this is where you can really showcase your brand with quality videos, photos, etc.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

The most valuable employer branding stories are those that involve people working their way up the corporate ladder from entry-level construction careers. Promoting from within saves recruiting costs, so firms that offer leadership training and special certifications always stand out for being great employers.

Ensure Efficient Onboarding

It’s important to have an efficient onboarding process for your new employees. But be sure to keep it as human as possible. Many organizations are automating too much of the onboarding process all for the sake of speed. Hiring the best candidates still requires human interaction to ensure everybody has the right tools to make it past the first 90 days of employment.

If you’re still not convinced that investing in employer branding is worth the effort or costs just consider this: firms with favorable, authentic employer brands receive twice as many applications as those with negative reputations. There are going to be employees that leave negative feedback while they are working for you. Instead of automatically dismissing their concerns, good construction leadership is always proactive about earning employee trust.

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